If criminals did proper time in jail then maybe Britain's streets would be safer

Feeble justice

The Prisons Minister admits 22,000-plus criminals were only jailed last year after five or more community sentences.

And 2,106 repeat knife offenders avoided prison despite the Tory “two strikes and you’re out” policy.
We can argue whether our crumbling, violent jails work.

But if routinely armed thugs are behind bars they cannot knife kids to death on the streets.

And if more villains did proper time they might hesitate to batter a 98-year-old war hero to the brink of death for his TV.

Out of order

THERE is no end to the sleaze around John Bercow’s regime at the House of Commons.

The Speaker stands condemned for a sex harassment culture that would get him suspended or fired anywhere else.

He personally faces two bullying claims he denies. He is only kept in place by Remainers who disgustingly admit they need his help wrecking Brexit.

Now the odious toad uses ancient laws to block journalists’ questions about his oily pal Keith Vaz, the Labour MP ­facing sordid claims of his own.

Our politicians’ reputation never recovered from the 2009 expenses scandal.

Yet Bercow has somehow dragged our great Parliament further into the sewer.

Tell us, PM

THE legal advice over Theresa May’s ­proposed Brexit deal must be published.

Attorney General Geoffrey Cox is a brilliant lawyer and a Brexiteer.

If he has a moment’s doubt about Britain’s ability to unchain itself from an EU customs union if no Brussels trade deal is struck, the public MUST know.

Staying in it is the worst possible betrayal of the referendum short of reversing it. Incredibly, it is now Labour policy. But Labour, the DUP and Tory Brexiteers are right to insist the Government comes clean on Cox’s verdict.

Voters have been repeatedly kept in the dark and stitched up throughout our long EU membership. Enough. Out with it.

Trump pumped

DONALD Trump has good reason to be delighted with the mid-term elections. They could even set him up for victory in 2020.

They weren’t the “big win” he claims. Though his party made gains in the Senate, which sitting Presidents rarely do, he lost the House of Representatives.

But if Democrats spend two years trying to sabotage or oust him while sneering at his millions of working-class fans, he has a simple election strategy:

Continue the tax cuts that have triggered a boom. And tell voters it will be better still without his opponents chucking a spanner in the works.

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