Impossible to know if Kim Jong-un is dead or alive as even his inner circle being kept in the dark, ex-CIA spook claims

IT is impossible to know whether Kim Jong-un is dead or alive as even his elite inner circle are being kept in the dark, claims a former CIA analyst.

Speculation over the welfare of the North Korean leader has been mounting for days but the rogue state has not broken its silence.

Now a former CIA analyst has revealed even the chosen few normally allowed to get close to Kim probably have no idea where he is, let alone whether he has died.

The secretive way North Korea operates severely restricts the flow of information related to its top leaders and in particular Kim.

The US and China are desperately seeking to find the truth about claims the despot is either dead or in a vegetative state following botched heart surgery.

But Jung Pak, a former CIA expert, said even those within Kim's inner circle are deliberately deprived of information.

And those lucky enough to escape the secretive state back up the claims, reports the Financial Times.

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