Is Vladimir Putin the mystery owner of new £200million palace?

Is Vladimir Putin the mystery owner of this new £200million palace? Russian media speculate the gigantic home in a 15-acre estate could belong to the president

  • Palatial new home has sprung up in luxury development on outskirts of Moscow
  • The 91,500sqft home comes with a 32,000sqft outbuilding, 21,000sqft of stables and 15 acres of land complete with helipad and its own forest
  • Owner is listed as ‘Russian Federation’ while it was built by company ‘Property V’ 
  • Russian newspaper speculated it is owned by President Vladimir Putin himself

A vast palace that has sprung up near Moscow and whose ownership is shrouded in secrecy may belong to President Putin, a Russian newspaper has suggested.

The palace is located in a luxury development that is already home to the country’s most-expensive house – which is now dwarfed by the new construction. 

The new building has 91,500sqft of living space, a three-storey outbuilding with another 32,000sqft of space, and stables that span 21,500sqft.

Set in 15 acres of grounds and surrounded by a security wall, the estate also includes a helipad, a football field, a forest and landscaped gardens, compete with a pond.

The owner is simply listed as the ‘Russian Federation’ while the construction was carried out by a company called ‘Property-V’ – leading to speculation that it is owned by somebody high up in the government, and possibly Putin himself. 

A palatial new 91,500sqft home surrounded by a security wall has sprung up in a luxury development on the outskirts of Moscow – leading to speculation about the owner

Officially, the owner is the ‘Russian Federation’ while construction was managed by a company called ‘Property V’ – leading to speculation that the owner is Vladimir Putin

The Interlocutor, a column for Russian news site Sobesednik, attempted to trace the actual owner of the property without success.

But the columnist did discover that Property-V has multiple connections to businesses which are founded, operated, or work on behalf of those within Putin’s inner circle. 

A subsidiary of Property-V has developments in Krasnaya Polyana, Sochi’s skiing resort.

Territory here includes homes of a number of Putin-linked people including Lyubov Kabaeva, mother of Olympic gymnast Alina Kabaeva.

The former sportswoman, 38, now a media tycoon, is the strongman’s alleged partner, despite denials by both parties.

The development where the property is located – called Greenfield – is known as one of the most upmarket in Russia.

Marketing material for the ‘village’ says ti offers ‘a new standard of country life’ with ‘impeccable style of elite suburban life and the independence of serene nature’.

The property is located in Greenfields, an exclusive development near Moscow that was already home to Russia’s most expensive property – which is now dwarfed by the new palace

As well as the huge main house, the new estate includes a three-storey outbuilding, stables and 15 acres of grounds, including a private forest, landscaped gardens, and a pond

Property-V, the company which carried out the construction, has multiple links to the Russian elite and those in Putin’s inner circle – some of whom also own homes in Greenfields

It comprises ‘stately residences, reminiscent of country castles’, and is home to a number of billionaires.

The village boasts ‘beautiful parks and boulevards 79ft wide…. fountains, sculptures, flower beds’ and is surrounded by ‘vast forests’.

Before the palace’s construction was complete the village was said to house the ‘most expensive house in Russia’.

That property is owned by Jordanian billionaire Ziyad Manasir, a major contractor for state-owned energy company Gazprom and who was a guest at the wedding of Katerina Tikhonova, 34, who is widely believed to be Putin’s younger daughter. 

Manasir’s house is thought to be worth £120million, but the new palace may be worth up to £202 million, The Interlocutor claims.

Andrey Ertman, representative of the company which was constructing the palace, refused to name the owner when contacted by the column. 

‘This is confidential information. Buyers of such assets do not always strive for publicity. This is their right,’ he explained.

Putin is notoriously secretive about his private life, but a series of recent leaks about his wealth and health have led to speculation that he is under ‘information attack’ from his rivals

Putin is already thought to own this $1billion house, Gelendzhik Palace, on the Black Sea which began construction during his first term as President

Putin is notoriously secretive in his private life, refusing to even confirm long-standing rumours about who his children are, so it is unlikely the palace will ever be definitively linked to him.

It is also not the first palatial home which he is thought to own – another gigantic house called Gelendzhik Palace on the Black Sea has become known as Putin’s Palace, after it was linked to him by media outlets.

The $1billion home, which has its own vineyard, is thought to have started construction during his first term as President and was still being built in 2011.

The Kremlin has denied that Putin is the owner.  

 Putin’s spokesman has not yet responded to the new claim, which is the latest in a series of ‘revelations’ about Putin’s wealth, health and private life.

The leaks have led to suggestions that he is under unprecedented ‘information attack’ from foes.

Putin is due to face the media for his marathon yearly press conference later this week. 

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