ISIS jihadis sentenced to hanging without trial under ‘Syrian law’

ISIS terrorists will be sentenced to hanging under "Syrian law", according to reports.

The jihadi scumbags will reportedly face no trial after President Bashar al-Assad announced the new terror measures.

He said membership of ISIS is a hanging offence and the prisoners will be executed.

It comes after thousands of jihadis were executed near Damascus, the capital of the war-torn nation.

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And thousands more are thought to have died through torture and starvation, reports MailOnline.

Commenting on the measures, Assad said: "Every terrorist in the areas controlled by the Syrian state will be subject to Syrian law.

"This one is very clear vis-a-vis terrorism. They will therefore be brought to justice in specialised courts dealing with terrorism."

However, ex-defence minister, Tobias Ellwood, previously raised concerns over Syria's handling of jihadis.

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He said: "This is a worrying development in the fallout caused by (President) Trump’s ill-thought through foreign policy decision to disengage from Syria.

"This announcement will expedite the flow of captured hardliners in poorly-guarded detention centres to escape, regroup and retaliate against the Assad regime, prolonging a civil war that has raged for years."

Daily Star Online previously revealed how ex-ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi could be brought back "from the dead" using deepfake technology after he was wiped out by the US .

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Video verification expert Shamir Allibhai, CEO of video verification company, told us: "An important goal may be to try and rally the ISIS supporters and 'show' that the US is lying.

"For the US to kill an ISIS leader is deflating but having it seem like that leader is still alive with video 'evidence' (that appears real and believable) could counteract that, if not give the group’s supporters a morale boost.

"The tech to create fake video continues to get better, easier, and cheaper and different groups will use it to create propaganda that teases or sows doubt in their enemy and/or rallies their supporters."

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