Israeli lawmaker asks PM to suspend aide accused of assault

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An opposition Israeli lawmaker is calling on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to suspend a top aide following sexual assault allegations.

Michal Rozin, a legislator with the dovish Meretz party, says Thursday that David Keyes, Netanyahu’s spokesman to the foreign media, can no longer represent Israel to the world. She says Netanyahu’s silence thus far could also be interpreted as tolerance of the alleged acts.

Julia Salazar, a candidate for New York’s state senate, accuses Keyes of sexually assaulting her five years ago. Others have since come forward. Wall Street Journal reporter Shayndi Raice tweeted she too had a “terrible encounter” with Keyes. She described someone who had “absolutely no conception of the word ‘no.'”

Keyes denies the allegations, saying all “are deeply misleading and many of them are categorically false.”

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