IT teacher jailed over burgling his neighbour's flat to pay off escort

IT teacher, 27, is jailed for six years over botched bid to pay off debt to a call girl by burgling his neighbour’s flat armed with a chisel… only to be overpowered by her boyfriend after rifling through her lingerie drawer

  • Adam Morrison, 27, carried out an armed raid ‘to pay for a call girl’s services’
  • He broke into the neighbouring flat in Didsbury, South Manchester, with a chisel
  • Female occupant saw him in the hall and her boyfriend overpowered Morrison 
  • He was found with her underwear in his pocket and said he was looking for cash
  • Computer science teacher Morrison was sentenced to six years in prison 

A computer science teacher carried out a ‘bizzare’ armed raid in a bungled attempt to pay for the sexual services of a high class call girl.

Adam Morrison claimed he just had a liaison with the escort at his £300,000 apartment but she wanted more money after he ordered drugs from the dark web for their encounter.  

So he broke into the flat next door barefoot and armed with a chisel while wearing a face mask. 

He was caught after the ‘traumatised’ female occupant spotted him loitering in the hallway.

Despite being armed, Morrison, from Didsbury, South Manchester, a ‘bucking and kicking’ Morrison was overpowered by the woman’s boyfriend who found his pockets were stuffed with his victim’s underwear.

The ‘highly intelligent’ 27-year-old, who has a first class university degree and whose mother is a social worker, later told police he had been looking for cash and ‘forgot’ taking the bra and pants.

At Manchester Crown Court Morrison admitted aggravated burglary and was jailed for six years. He was also handed a restraining order and told not to contact his female neighbour. 

Adam Morrison, 27, broke into his neighbour’s flat in Didsbury, South Manchester, armed with a chisel saying he was desperate for cash to pay for the services of a call girl

The incident occurred on July 18 last year after Morrison allegedly booked the call girl to the come to the flat he shared with his accountant brother, who away at the time.

It was not made clear in court whether there was any truth to his claims, or whether the call girl remained in the flat while he carried out his raid. 

Victims Grace Coyne and Sam Wright who had been living at their third floor flat next door for 18 months, who both work together in recruitment, had gone to bed at 11pm.

Miss Coyne was awoken by the noise and saw a dark figure standing in the hallway.

Richard Orme, prosecuting, said: ‘Miss Coyne ran back into the bedroom and screamed to her boyfriend that there was someone in the flat. 

‘Sam Wright immediately jumped out of bed and ran into the hallway and ran up to the intruder and punched him on the head causing the defendant to fall to the floor.’

Mr Wright saw that the defendant was carrying a weapon and began to wrestle it from his hands, which left him with a cut to his arm and wrist. 

Describing the two minute struggle, Mr Orme added: ‘Mr Wright described the defendant as “bucking and kicking and trying to wriggle out”. In the meantime, Grace Coyne called the police.

‘After Mr Wright got the better of the defendant and was restraining him on the floor awaiting the arrival of the police, the defendant initially claimed that he had been paid to burgle the flat, then he changed his account saying that he had been forced to do it.’

They realised Morrison could not have come from far as he was bare foot, and when police arrived they found a red bra belonging to Miss Coyne and some of her  underwear stuffed into his trouser pockets. 

Miss Coyne confirmed to the court these had been in her underwear drawer in the spare bedroom. 

Victims Grace Coyne and Sam Wright fought off Morrison, with Mr Wright sustaining a cut to his wrist and his arm from the chisel the raider was carrying as a weapon 

Morrison, who had climbed in through an open kitchen window looking on to the roof terrace, told police that he was desperate for cash after having just had sex with an escort who was demanding more money.  

The attack by her neighbour, who Miss Coyne had never seen before, left her feeling ‘personally targeted’ and struggling to sleep in her own home. 

In a statement Miss Coyne told police: ‘I was traumatised by the thought that the defendant had broken into my home with a weapon, seemingly intent on rummaging through my underwear drawer before stealing various selected items. I have now got rid of the items.

‘I have not stayed in the flat alone since this incident and even when I am in the flat with my partner, I still feel nervous constantly checking the windows and doors.

‘The thought that I may have shared the communal lift with him or passed him on the stairs fills me with dread and the thought that he may one day be allowed to return to the flat makes me fearful.

‘I used to be a sound sleeper but now wake up four to five times a night to turn on the lights to check that there is no one there. I am now scared to use the bathroom at night, choosing instead to wait until the morning despite needing to go.

‘I no longer open any of the windows or the patio door regardless of whether it is too hot inside the flat. 

‘I felt personally targeted and lives in fear of the defendant ever returning to be her neighbour, stating that if he were ever allowed, we would be forced to the sell the flat.’ 

Judge Alan Conrad QC sentenced Morrison to six years in prison and handed him a restraining order against Miss Coyne at Manchester Crown Court (pictured, stock image)

In mitigation Morrison’s lawyer Nicola Gatto said he was ‘horrified’ by what he has done. 

She said: ‘This was an isolated incident and a bizarre offence, particularly for a man with his background. 

‘He is one of four siblings who work as a nurse, policeman and an accountant respectively. His mother is a social worker who deals with vulnerable children.

‘He has a first class degree in computer science and had been teaching the subject before this offence. 

‘It was his intention to leave his post and teach in Vietnam before this offence took place. He is remorseful and feels shame. 

‘He is horrified by what he has done and his empathy towards the victim and her partner is clear.’

Morrison was banned from contacting Miss Coyne indefinitely under the terms of a restraining order. 

Sentencing Judge Alan Conrad QC told him: ‘This was a terrifying experience for your victims and had a considerable impact on them, in particular Miss Coyne. 

‘Mr Wright behaved extremely bravely in what must have been a terrifying situation for him.

‘I accept you did not intend to cause sexual or physical harm but there was a sexual aspect to your offending because you stole a woman’s underwear. 

‘You have shown remorse and it is clear you are a highly intelligent young man with great potential which has been lost as a result of this offence.’

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