‘It’s a big concern’: Dozens of dead fish discovered in Moncton’s Jones Lake

Moncton residents living around Jones Lakes are upset with the discovery of dozens of dead fish along the shoreline.

The dead fish were discovered over the weekend.

David Ford, who lives near the lake, says he was walking his dogs along the water Sunday night when he came across the dead and rotting fish littering the shoreline. He says he is concerned over any potential health risks the water may pose for people and pets.

“You want to know what is in the water. I mean, the ducks are here and sometimes the dogs go in the water and you want to know it is save for them,” said Ford.

“It’s a big concern,” said area resident Elaine Gray, who has lived near the lake for more than 30 years. “It makes me wonder about the quality of the water and what is causing the deaths.”

Gray says the city should be posting warning signs immediately and cleaning up the dead carcasses, which are causing a foul smell.

“It needs to be posted that the water is unfit for humans and pets,” she said  “It smells really bad. They are just laying there rotting and nothing is going to eat them, but it is going to cause more disease I guess and bacteria.”

Dan Hicks, Moncton’s director of parks and recreation, says the water is tested weekly for the presence of ecoli and fetal colliform

“I have more questions that I have answers,” said Hicks. “We really don’t have much information at this point. I am not familiar with what fish species it is or what caused it.”

Hicks says the city is consulting with the Department of Environment and researchers at the Universite de Moncton.

Global News reached out to the Department of Environment and is awaiting a reply.

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