It’s vital the Government reassures pregnant mothers after newborn baby catches bug – The Sun

EVERY day brings a series of new corona-virus shocks.

It is not the Government’s responsibility to calm the nation’s nerves on every one.

But Britain’s expectant mums are entitled to more reassurance than they are getting after the latest disturbing news.

First a newborn baby in London catches the deadly bug, then several others show symptoms at a hospital in Leeds.

Hundreds of thousands of worried mothers-to-be now want to know that their tots cannot get the virus in the womb and that it is safe to breastfeed.

At the moment the official advice is that breastfeeding is low-risk even if the mum has the virus.

But the chances of passing it on afterwards must be very high.

And Ministers have been slow to come forward and calm fears in the face of the latest scares.

Such confusion breeds anxiety.


We back Boris Johnson and his scientific advisers in handling a crisis unprecedented in peacetime.

But the PM and his top team need to be on the front foot every day.

He has bravely gone against the tide of other countries by delaying extreme measures to clamp down on the bug.

But as France and Spain went into lockdown he will now come under terrific pressure to follow suit.

As infection and death rates surge, he must keep making the case for relying on the scientific evidence.

The majority of the public have supported him on this so far.

He has to explain every step or risk losing their confidence and giving the social media bleaters a field day.

It hasn’t helped that he has performed a U-turn by saying one day that large public gatherings can continue and the next they are to be banned.

But if anyone can instil self belief in the country it is Boris Johnson.

For a new Prime Minister this is a monumental challenge and one which will define his premiership.

As long as he keeps his nerve Britain can come through this an even stronger nation.

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