I’ve been threatened with COURT after being fined £170 while trying to donate my dead sister’s things to a charity shop

AN ELDERLY couple have been threatened with court after being fined an eye watering £170 while trying to donate a dead relative's belongings to a charity shop.

David Gardner, 84, had parked for just 11-minutes in a private car park owned by food chain Subway when the incident took place.

The pensioner and his wife Margaret were visiting neighbouring Julia's House store in Bournemouth to drop David's late sister's belongings when they pulled up in the parking meant for Subway customers only.

Mr Gardner told the Daily Echo how the couple had "so much to sort out" as they desperately tried to get his sisters affairs in order following her death in October.

Despite this, Premier Park Ltd hammered the pair from Poole with the whopping fine – which came only days after the funeral in mid-October.

The couple, who have lived in their home in Poole for 60 years, asked for help from staff at Subway after receiving the penalty charge notice.


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Mr Gardner, a retired window cleaner, said staff were helpful but were later told by a Subway representative they had been barred from going into the restaurant unless they were buying food.

The pensioner does not deny parking there but insisted that on the day there was no space behind the charity shop.

He added: "I was only there for 11 minutes. It is just unfair how they have dealt with it.”

Margaret, 85, who said she has no intention of paying the penalty fee, added: “If you pay, even just a bit, you are saying that you are guilty. I don’t feel guilty."

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On Monday, March 21, the elderly couple received a threatening letter from debt collectors warning they face potential court action if they do not pay the fee, which has ratcheted up to £170.

Along with refusing to pay the fine they have also been unsuccessful in appealing.

Margaret added: “We don’t want sympathy. It is the principle. We were trying to help the charity shop."

The Sun Online have approached Premier Park Ltd and Subway for comment.

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