Jacob Blake riots – Hunt for vigilante with rifle who shot Kenosha protesters in night of chaos that left 2 DEAD

THERE is a hunt for an armed vigilante who allegedly shot protesters as the Kenosha night riots left two dead.

An armed vigilante was seen firing his AR-15-style rifle at protesters and then brazenly walking past cops – but it isn't known if this is connected to the fatalities.

Protesters were heard screaming early this morning in Kenosha, Wisconsin as the shots were fired.

Shocking footage shows an armed man being chased by demonstrators after he had already shot someone in the stomach a few blocks away, TMZ reported.

He can be seen falling as he's chased before firing his gun, fatally hitting two people.

As police arrive, the gun-slinging man puts his hands up in the air and the cops pass him.

It remains unclear who was shooting and police and emergency services have not yet confirmed the conditions of those attacked.

The first shots were fired just after midnight, as a group of protesters faced off police in riot trucks on Sheridan Road.

People were then seen chasing the man before another round of rapid-fire shots were heard.

People on the streets were seen dragging the injured to the side of the road before performing CPR.

After being shot in the head, a protester was loaded into the back of an SUV and rushed to a nearby hospital.

Shocking pictures emerged of people tending to a wounded person during the vicious clashes.

Other residents attempting to protect local businesses as fires raged throughout the city.


Devin Scott, 19, told the Chicago Tribune he was in a group chanting "Black Lives Matter" when the gunfire began and that he tried unsuccessfully to revive one of the victims.

He told the Tribune: "This guy with this huge gun runs by us in the middle of the street and people are yelling, 'He shot someone! He shot someone!'

"And everyone is trying to fight the guy, chasing him, and then he started shooting again."

Scott said he hit the ground during the next burst of gunfire, then tried to aid a person who was lying prone in the street.

He added: "I was cradling him in my arms. I was trying to keep this kid alive and he wasn't moving or nothing. He was just laying there".

Carol Badoni, from Burlington, Wis. spoke to the girlfriend of one of the victims, she said his name was Ben Wis.

Carol, 50, said: “He definitely was not breathing,”

“His eyes were rolled back in his head. There was no pulse.”

But she added that she saw no blood,before cops arrived and took Ben to hospital.

In another clip, a man was seen removing his top to help another victim of the shooting.

Meanwhile, other protests erupted across the country in response to the shooting.

Police in Portland, Oregon, also declared a gathering of hundreds of anti-racism protesters outside City Hall as a riot, ordering the crowd to disperse or face arrest.

People at the Kenosha protest were heard shouting: "There's people getting shot everywhere".

Kenosha has been riddled with violence, looting, criminal damage and fires in response to the death of Jacob Blake, a 29-year-old black man who was shot by police.

Blake was shot several times in the back by police as he stepped into his car.

His horrified children were in the car at the time and would have seen the attack.

On Tuesday, Blake's family confirmed that he is still alive but in a critical condition and is paralyzed.

Jacob Blake Sr. said: "They shot my son seven times. Seven times. Like he didn't matter. But my son matters. He's a human being and he matters."

While his family have pleaded for peaceful protests, they have hit out at police, saying they systematically brutalize black people

Police attempted to boarder off Kenosha after Monday night's protests led to buildings being set on fire and stores looted.

Seven exit ramps were closed from Interstate-94 from the Illinois border to Racine, Wis. which is about 20 minutes north of Kenosha.

In downtown Kenosha, a huge crowd of protesters gathered around the barrier at Kenosha County Courthouse.

They shot my son seven times. Seven times. Like he didn't matter. But my son matters. He's a human being and he matters.

One protester, Nathan, 28, who didn't want to give his full name said: "A lot of fear in the air because of threats to protesters.

“I worry a lot about the misinformation,” he said after explaining he didn't think national movement to bring greater police accountability will lead to real change.

Although, he said locally, his city will never be the same.

“It’s hard to see now, but it will be a positive thing,” he said of the protests.

“It’ll bring Kenosha back together. Kenosha has always been a resilient place. It’ll continue to happen.”

Thousands joined the protest on Tuesday, with some carrying handguns, AR-15 rifles, knives and dressed in military flak jackets.

Dennis, 22, from Racine, was carrying a pistol he claimed was for protection for himself and other protesters.

“Nothing is going to change,” he said, hanging back from the crowd. “This is all for nothing.”

A group of the protesters began violently shaking the barriers and launched fireworks at the police officers.

Cops were seen firing tear gas pellets and rubber bullets into the crowd.

One officer was heard shouting: "Y'all better have gas masks on! Get ready!"

Before another cop was seen opening the hatch of the vehicle and throwing the canister in their direction.

Another man was heard shouting: "F**king p**sies!"

By 10pm 70 policwe officers dressed in riot gear formed a chain across the park nearby the court house.

There were 34 fires associated with the unrest, with 30 businesses destroyed or damaged along with an unknown number of residences, Kenosha Fire Chief Charles Leipzig told the Kenosha News.

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump urged Wisconsin officials to call in the National Guard to quell the unrest, despite troops already being on the ground. 

'Governor should call in the National Guard in Wisconsin. It is ready, willing, and more than able. End problem FAST!' Trump tweeted. 

On Monday, residents with firearms were seen standing outside local businesses in a bid to stop the looting and arson.

One of the armed men in the footage taken Monday night says: "They're destroying their own neighborhood. It's not the civilians.

"Go f*** up the government that just killed your man. Don't f*** up your neighbors."


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