Jeremy Corbyn's brother issued with fixed penalty notice

Jeremy Corbyn’s brother, 73, is fined AGAIN by police for flouting lockdown rules after joining protesters chanting ‘we want freedom’ outside London’s St Thomas’ Hospital

  • Piers Corbyn, 73, was protesting against lockdown in Central London today  
  • This is the second time he’s been fined after being caught outside last week 
  •  Corbyn called the fine ‘an abomination’ and an ‘attack on human rights’ today 

Jeremy Corbyn’s conspiracy theorist brother was issued a penalty notice today after he left isolation to appear at an anti-lockdown protest in Central London – the second time police have fined him since the pandemic-preventing measures were introduced. 

Piers Corbyn, 73, called the fine an ‘abomination’ and an ‘attack on human rights’ after he refused on numerous occasions to heed the police’s polite requests outside St Thomas’s Hospital in Central London today. 

His fellow protesters called for the arrest of Bill Gates and chanted ‘we want freedom’ as they angrily marched along the Thames.  

Piers, who was carrying a sign with the slogan ‘end lockdown now’, said: ‘I’m here today to support the protests to end the lockdown, now. And allow the NHS to save the people it’s currently being prevented from saving.’

He then goes on to say that the ‘lockdown is killing more people than it’s saving’. 

Pictured: Piers Corbyn, left, can be seen arguing with a police officer after he was caught outside during lockdown in Central London today 

A police officer asks him what he’s doing outside and he begins to rant about the warrants of protesting, saying the police ‘should’ also be protesting the ‘undemocratic lockdown’. 

The police politely ask Piers to leave the area, reminding him that lockdown means he shouldn’t even be outside his home. 

After he defies their request he goes on to pick up a placard and the police issue him with the fixed penalty notice. 

When asked how he felt about the fine, Piers said: ‘Well, it’s an abomination and an attack on human rights.’

‘This thing is aimed at preventing freedom of association.’

After Piers refuses to leave, the police issue him with a penalty fine notice in Central London today 

‘You see it’s not affecting peoples’ health either way this thing. In Sweden, they didn’t have a lockdown and they didn’t get much Covid. Y’know, we know it’s about something else.’

The police then come and tell him to move again for speaking to the media, which he says he can do because of ‘freedom of expression’.

The officer advises him to move on before he is arrested and he leaves. 

Pictured: Police tell Piers they don’t want to have to take him in to custody after he repeatedly refused to leave the area outside St Thomas’s today 

This is the second time Piers has been in trouble with the police for being outside during lockdown. 

During a 40-person strong protest in the centre of Glastonbury, Somerset last Sunday, Piers touted  chloroquine  – an anti-malaria drug backed by Donald Trump – as a Covid-19 cure.  

Piers was filmed saying: ‘In all probability no one has died of this virus alone, because it is curable. You can cure it by chloroquine. 

‘The drug companies are suppressing this information because they want to impose on us all a vaccine and force people to take a vaccine, which is against human rights.’  

Immediately after the comments an incredulous cameraman at the scene told Mr Corbyn ‘you’re talking f****** s***,’ adding: ‘you are spreading that’.  

Jeremy Corbyn’s conspiracy theorist brother Piers Corbyn (pictured) spearheaded an anti-lockdown protest in Glastonbury, Somerset, on Sunday

Mr Corbyn, 73, was seen carrying a sign which included the slogan ‘end lockdown now’ during the 40 person strong protest

Donald Trump hailed the anti-malaria drug as a ‘game changer,’ last month as White House aides led a huge push to push it as a treatment for coronanvirus.

Results of a New York state Health Department trial suggest patients treated with hydroxychloroquine are no better off than those who don’t receive it. 

Police were forced to break up the protest and say two men have been arrested, and since released under investigation, while three others were slapped with fixed penalty notices.

Two men were arrested and three were handed fixed penalty notices by officers, Avon and Somerset police say

Video filmed by a fellow protester shows several police officers telling the crowd to disperse, warning them they are ‘in contravention of the regulations’. 

Mr Corbyn was filmed giving his name, address and date of birth to an officer, who advised him of his rights before issuing him with a fixed penalty notice in the post.

He announces: ‘I do not recognise this walking regulation, or this anti-association regulation. I believe it is illegal and unlawful and I believe the whole operation of lockdown is actually against natural justice and also was enacted unlawfully.”

The officer responds: ‘What I’d like you to do now is I’d like you to leave the area, please. Thank you very much.’

As Mr Corbyn turns to walk away, one of his followers asks ‘Did you get a ticket, Piers?’ He replies ‘yes’ and is told: ‘Well done, man.’ 

It is the third demonstration Mr Corbyn, whose brother is former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, has spearheaded in a matter of weeks. Pictured: Police speak to a man at the protest

Mr Corbyn later posed for a selfie with a bystander who was wearing a dust mask. 

It is the third demonstration the weather forecaster, whose brother is former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, has spearheaded in a matter of weeks.

At a previous demonstration, videos showed Piers Corbyn giving a speech claiming there was no pandemic.

So far there have been almost 250,000 coronavirus deaths recorded worldwide, including more than 28,000 in the UK, while there have been more than 3.5million recorded cases across the planet.

At previous demonstrations, Mr Corbyn also claimed that the government’s rules to keep two metres apart from others was to allow GPS and 5G satellites to more easily identify individuals.  

At a previous demonstration (pictured), videos showed Piers Corbyn (right) giving a speech claiming there was no pandemic.

In the previous demonstrations he has claimed vaccinations for coronavirus will be used to injected Britons with microchips, according to the Sun. 

During his speech at a previous demonstration, Mr Corbyn can be heard saying: ‘We all know the lockdown has failed us. It has caused misery.

‘We know there is no pandemic…We’ll have more deaths from loneliness, suicide and people being kept out of hospital.’  

Piers Corbyn is the brother of former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn (pictured)

The latest demonstration spearheaded by Piers Corbyn was broken up by police on Sunday.

In a post on Twitter, Avon and Somerset police said: ‘Officers have dispersed the small protest in Glastonbury which took place at lunchtime today.

‘Two men have been arrested and taken into custody and three further people have been given fixed penalty notices, all under COVID-19 legislation.’   

Public gatherings are banned under the current lockdown measures, introduced in March as a way to slow the spread of coronavirus. 

Mr Corbyn hit headlines in April last year, while brother Jeremy was still Labour leader, when he called Greta Thunberg an ‘ignorant, brainwashed child’. 

Mr Corbyn tweeted an image of the 17-year-old, who is from Sweden, alongside a swastika.

It came a day after brother Jeremy had met Ms Thunberg in London as she showed her support for climate change group Extinction Rebellion. 

The then-Labour leader later described the meeting as ‘absolutely fascinating’, saying they had discussed issues around pollution, emissions and agriculture.



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