Jet2 brawl sees 7 louts kicked off plane as ‘dirty b*****d’ spits in woman’s eye

A Jet2 mass brawl saw seven Brits kicked off a holiday flight with one man heard shouting “he f***ing spat on a woman – dirty b*****”.

The flight from Manchester to Tenerife had to be diverted to Portugal with fellow passengers saying there was “bedlam” on board with fighting and and drinks stolen.

Trouble began among four lads sat at the back of the flight who began punching each other around two hours into the journey.

An air stewardess was able to separate them and put one of the men at the front of the plane but he wouldn’t be quietened down and returned to the back where the fighting began again.

Other travellers tried to separate them and at one moment a woman is alleged to have been spat in the eye.

A man shouted: “He f***ing spat on a woman – dirty b******.”

Another passenger shouted: “There’s children on the aeroplane.”

The captain made an announcement that he was going to divert the flight to Faro, Portugal, and it caused further mayhem.

A witness said a 10-man stag party “howled with rage” and began to fight with the group of four lads and cabin crew.

Nathan Belford, 30, said that they “complained bitterly to the stewardess” and “started pinching drinks from the front of the plane”.

After landing in Portugal, seven men – the four men and three from the other stag party – were taken away by security and two hours later the flight took off again.

Fed-up Nathan, of Stoke-on-Trent, said: "We couldn't believe what was happening. We just wanted to go on holiday.

"Things first kicked off when the group at the back got into a fight. Punches were thrown, and the stewardess broke them up.

"But then they kicked off again, and passengers actually intervened to calm them down. One woman got in the way, but a guy spat in her eye. It was disgusting.

"After that, cabin decided to divert to Portugal. Then things escalated after the bigger stag party howled with rage about it.

"They picked a fight with cabin crew and with the group of four, complaining that they should be going to Tenerife for their weekend.

"One of the guys got into trouble when he started pinching drinks from the front of the plane. It was bedlam.

"Once we landed, though, security got them off. It was impressive – one of the guys they had to carry off was at least six-foot-six."

Jet2 confirmed a row between passengers had erupted, saying: "As a family friendly airline we will not tolerate disruptive behaviour of any sort.

"As such we will always take the appropriate action to ensure that our passengers and staff do not have to endure the unacceptable actions of a small minority. We take this matter very seriously and we are liaising with the relevant authorities."

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