Jill Biden 'felt like a failure' after divorce but claims she met Joe AFTER split despite 1st husband saying she cheated

JILL Biden said she "felt like a failure" after her divorce, but claims she met Joe after the split, despite claims of cheating from her first husband.

The first lady made the comments on The Kelly Clarkson Show on Thursday, her first solo interview since her husband was sworn into office.

Jill's ex husband, Bill Stevenson, whom she was married to from 1970 to 1975, claims that they split up because Jill began an affair with the now-president.

However, Jill, 69, hasn't responded to those allegations, and maintained that she struck up a romance with the president after going through a difficult divorce.

"It took me a long time, it took me at least a year to get on my feet again," Jillsaid of the divorce during the interview with Clarkson.

"I didn't know anybody who had been divorced. I felt like it was a failure on my part [and] I lost my self-esteem because I kept thinking, 'What's wrong with me? Why couldn't I make this work?'"

Jill, a college professor, maintains that she had met the president once before they began dating, but their relationship became romantic after her divorce in a sort of "blind date" setting.

"I look back on it now and I think, if I hadn't gotten divorced, I wouldn't have met Joe," she told Clarkson, who is currently going through a divorce herself.

"I wouldn't have this beautiful family I have now."

Stevenson, however, has suggested that the president and first lady began their romance while he was still married to Jill.

He told The Daily Mail that he first met the now-president when Joe was running for a Senate seat in 1973.

At the time, Joe was married to his first wife Neilia, who died in a car crash shortly after they met.

He believes the affair with Jill began in 1974 and claims he asked Jill to leave their home after he found out.

The president and first lady have been married since 1977 and have one daughter together, Ashley.

Jill is also a step-mother to the president's two sons from his first marriage, Hunter, and Beau, who passed away from cancer in 2015.

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