Judge sentences killer to 25 to life, says he deserves ‘no mercy’

A Queens judge threw the book at an unrepentant man who was convicted for fatally stabbing a stranger in 2015.

“He clearly showed no remorse for what he has done and he deserves to be shown no mercy,” Supreme Court Justice Richard Buchter said before handing down the 25-year-to-life sentence to Williams Hidalgo.

Hidalgo — who was convicted in March for the unprovoked attack on Otto Ajpacaja on April 19, 2015 — told the judge, “to the family of the victim I’m sorry but I’m not responsible.”

“I’ve been in jail for four years. I have a family waiting for me at home,” Hidalgo whined.

But Buchter snapped back: “I’ve watched the trial. You are guilty and you are going to pay for it now.”

The 23-year-old Jamaica, Queens, man had seen his wife out with another man who left before Hidalgo had a chance to confront him. As Hidalgo left a bar around 4:30 in the morning, he saw Ajpacaja, 39, hailing a cab and unleashed his misplaced rage on the unsuspecting stranger, slashing him in the leg, chest and back, prosecutors said.

Ajpacaja’s brother Erben said of the sentencing after, “I’m happy but it can’t bring back my brother.”

“He destroyed my family,” Erben added.

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