Julio Jones’ Relatives Wound One Another In Alabama Trailer Park Shooting

The shooting involved a group of cousins and/or nephews of Jones.

While chatting with the media after practice on Tuesday, November 20, Julio Jones refused to go in depth with any sort of details regarding reports of a gun battle that left four of his relatives hospitalized this past weekend. “This is football. That’s private,” the five-time Pro-Bowl receiver told reporters.

Fans may recall Jones being pulled away from interviews following the Falcons’ Week 11 loss to the Cowboys in Mercedes-Benz Stadium. According to Atlanta news outlet 11 Alive, it turns out his early departure was the result of his mother, Queen Marvin, alerting the team of a “family emergency” in their native Alabama. Jones would at that point learn that a violent altercation involving some of his cousins and nephews had broken out and that each of them was in critical condition.

The Atlanta Constitution-Journal reports that the drama unfolded when brothers Jermain and Tamarius Dickerson popped up at the Magnolia Springs trailer park property of half-brother Jahlen Baker early Sunday. Authorities are still investigating to uncover the reason the Dickersons confronted Baker, but what is already known is that they showed up armed and in the company of cousin Royald Jones. At some point during the faceoff, a gun was drawn and shots that were fired from both directions led to Baker being struck in the abdomen and the other three men fleeing to seek medical attention for their own wounds. So far, it has not been determined who shot Baker. Jermain, Tamarius, and Royald – on the other hand – are believed to have been hit by a roommate who returned fire in Baker’s defense.

The latest reports indicate that three of the four men have since had their status downgraded and that only Baker’s life continues to hang in the balance. Jermain Dickerson, 22, was the first to be released after receiving treatment at South Baldwin Regional Medical Center. Meanwhile, Tamarius Dickerson, 23, and Royald Jones, 20, remain in stable condition at USA Medical Center in Mobile, per AL.com.

Charges have not yet been brought up against any of the suspects, but Baldwin County Sheriff Huey Hoss Mack has hinted that some serious charges could be forthcoming, especially if Baker does not make it. At least 30 rounds of bullets were found around Baker’s porch, and a search of his residence turned up two pistols, a rifle, and marijuana, according to the sheriff.

While Jones wouldn’t expand on the matter, he did make sure to ease any concerns over his ability to perform in the Falcons’ upcoming Thanksgiving Day match-up against the Saints in New Orleans.

“I never left stuff off the field affect me on the field. I’ve been doing it for so long. Family issues and things like that, my family is good. Everybody is good. I can come out here and play. Do what I need to do and take care of business,” he said.

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