Karl Stefanovic explodes at Qld over disabled boy in quarantine

‘What has happened to this country?’ Furious Karl Stefanovic explodes at Annastacia’s ‘disgusting’ Queensland government for forcing a six-year-old boy with cerebral palsy to quarantine in a hotel room after life-saving brain surgery

  • Queensland youngster with cerebral palsy caught up in state border bungle
  • Lenny Silveira arrived in Sydney last week after he had major surgery in the US
  • He and his dad holed up in hotel after denied exemptions to quarantine at home
  • Surgery not available in Australia and no direct flight between Brisbane and US 
  • Outraged Today show host called up Queensland Government to rectify matter

Karl Stefanovic has unleashed an angry missive at the Queensland government moments after learning about the heartbreaking story of how a boy with cerebral palsy was denied the chance to quarantine at home.

Sunshine Coast youngster Lenny Silveira is holed up in hotel quarantine in Sydney with his dad Fabio after the pair returned from the US for life-saving brain surgery, which isn’t available in Australia.

The six-year-old was denied an exemption by Queensland Health to be reunited with his mum and three siblings by quarantining at home, which goes against doctor’s orders for Lenny’s recovery. 

Lenny and his dad were denied an exemption because they arrived in Sydney. 

The Today show co-host expressed his fury about Lenny’s ordeal after an live interview with his dad on Wednesday morning, describing the situation as ‘awful’.

Queensland Health has denied an exemption to allow youngster Lenny Silveira (pictured) to quarantine at home after major brain surgery

‘Just have a look at that child there with cerebral palsy, in a hotel quarantine,’ Stefanovic fumed. 

‘That is disgusting. I mean, if we can’t make allowances for that kind of thing in this country, I don’t know what has happened to this country. 

‘The Queensland Government needs to look at that and fix it straightaway.’

Lenny and his dad returned home via Sydney because there are currently no direct flights between the US and Brisbane.

Mr Silveira, who left his wife and other children back home to travel to the US with Lenny said it’s been a difficult journey. 

‘We left half of the family home- his mum and three other kids,’ he said.

‘Our tickets were cancelled. So for three weeks we stay in a drama, not knowing if we will be able to make it back home for Christmas as thousands of Australians are stranded overseas.’ 

 Fabio Silveira has pleaded with authorities to allow him and son Lenny (right) to return home

‘We made it back last Friday, but then we hit a wall with Queensland Health exemption denying us entry in Queensland because we arrived in Sydney.

‘So we got caught in the middle of the NSW-Queensland Health departments that have extremely difficult to talk to each other, leaving Lenny caught in the middle.’ 

The pair have had their exemptions knocked back numerous times, despite the Queensland government spruiking its home quarantine trial.

‘I understand the seriousness of this situation, the Covid pandemic and the consequences of any exemption given, but we are talking about a 6-year-old boy who needs extremely intensive rehabilitation,’ Mr Silveira said. 

He added the pair were willing to fulfil any extra requirements to quarantine at home. 

‘I am fully vaccinated. Lenny and I have been tested three times in the last 10 days, so it is sad that Lenny cannot follow his doctor’s prescription to follow the best therapy for achieving the best outcome of this surgery,’ Mr Silveira said.

Karl Stefanovic was outraged to hear about Lenny’s situation, describing the situation as ‘disgusting’

Queensland Police Deputy Commissioner Steve Gollschewski said it was a matter for health authorities.

‘We will look at all individual cases and there are systems in place for that,’ he later told the Today show.

‘Obviously from a Queensland police point of view we issue the border passes to the exemptions are issued by Queensland Health.’ 

It’s hoped Lenny will eventually walk unassisted following his operation in the US.

‘It’s not offered to Lenny in Australia unfortunately,’ Mr Silveira told Seven News.

‘It’s so time-sensitive. The longer we wait and the older he gets, the effects of the cerebral palsy get worse.’

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Queensland Health for comment. 

Lenny (pictured) has been forced to undergo two weeks of hotel quarantine three weeks after he underwent major brain surgery

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