Kim Jong-un launches new army of ‘suicide’ drones to spy on the West & launch attacks deep behind enemy lines

NORTH Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has launched a new army of "suicide" dones to spy on the West, it's reported.

The brutal despot's deadly arsenal of reconnaissance and offensive drones can be used to launch attacks on Western targets, it's feared.

The Communist regime's military authorities have carried out successful tests of the miniaturised unmanned aircraft, Daily NK reports.

North Korean leader Kim has previously hailed the development of the killer drones as an “important task”.

A Daily NK military source claims tests on the drone took place over three days from April 10 at a facility in the city of Gusong.

Researchers, engineers, and regime officials oversaw the tests, it's claimed.


The drones are said to be capable of “precision reconnaissance of areas deep within the frontline”.

Military chiefs have hailed the development of attack drones that can mount precision “suicide” raids on enemy troops in the West.

North Korean authorities are said to have developed unmanned drones that can carry out reconnaissance missions over South Korean military facilities.

The unmanned aircraft can also conduct “pincer attacks” on the Western targets, Daily NK reports.

Military chiefs hoped to complete the trials by April 1, the birthday of North Korea's founder Kim Il Sung.

The allegedly told regime chiefs on April 14 that they had carried out “successful final tactical and technical data stabilisation tests” of the drones.

A jubilant Kim is said to have personally signed a “grateful message” after the tests were successfully carried out.

He reportedly hailed the drones' development as “yet another cornerstone to promote the advancement and strength of the Korean People’s Army.”


And he is said to have praised the "hard work of all on-site researchers and [test] reviewers, who took the lead in ensuring our Party’s historical military advance [is based] on the strongest of military power.”

Production of the drones is said to have been launched from April 15 and to have them in action by November.

It has previously been claimed that the North Korean tyrant has amassedhundreds of attack drones capable of carrying biological and chemical weapons.

A North Korean defector, who uses the alias Jin-myeong Han, said that Kim’s flying machines could unleash an attack on Seoul within an hour.

It comes amid fears Kim could be assembling a deadly arsenal of 240 nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles which could wipe out the West.

The research report by the Asan Institute for Policy Studies and the Rand Corp has estimated the country could have up to 242 nuclear weapons and dozens of intercontinental ballistic missiles by 2027.

It says Kim Jong-un "appears to be building a nuclear weapon force capable of enabling peninsula dominance", warning "enhanced" South Korea and US defences "to sustain deterrence" should be put in place.

The report, titled Countering the Risks of North Korean Nuclear Weapons, said: "It is estimated that the total number of North Korea's nuclear weapons by 2027 would be between 151 and 242, in addition to tens of mobile intercontinental ballistic missiles

"We estimate North Korea's number of nuclear weapons from 2017 through 2027, with the starting value of 30 to 60 nuclear weapons in 2017, with one to two plutonium weapons added by 2020, and with the numbers growing by either 12 weapons per year or 18 weapons per year."

It has called for Seoul and Washington to look into options such as dedicating US strategic nuclear weapons to targeting the North to deter any nuclear warfare attempts.

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