Kim Jong-un’s terrifying reign from kidnapping girls to flamethrower executions

Over the years, the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has done some horrific things during his decade-long reign in the hermit state.

He has shown he will do almost anything to assert his power, including kidnapping young women to killing enemies with flamethrowers.

The tyrant has been renowned for threatening the US with war, particularly during his Twitter feuds with Donald Trump, who nicknamed him ‘Little Rocket Man.’

But he has also become infamous for his cruel treatment of his own people.

Now, the Daily Star has delved into some of the most twisted acts the 'Supreme Leader' has committed during his rule.

Burned alive with flamethrower

In 2014, Kim executed a senior North Korean official after he was branded an “enemy of the state”.

O Sang-hon, a deputy minister at the Ministry of Public Security, was killed because of his supposed ties to Jang Song-thaek.

Jang Song-thaek had been the brother-in-law of Kim's dad Kim Jong-il, and the younger Kim considered Jang a threat after his dad's death in 2011.

He and 10 other high-ranking officials were executed or interned, South Korean newspaper The Chosun Ilbo reported.

A source told the publication that Sang-hon had turned the Workers Party department into a personal protection squad for Jang.

The pair had worked together at North Korea’s ministry of public security, which was afterwards closed.

Kidnapping teenage girls for 'sex slaves'

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In 2017, a defector who fled Kim's inner circle, Hee Yeon-lim, risked her own life to lift the lid on the North Korean leader and made claims to the Mirror that he kidnapped young girls to use them as sex slaves.

She said: “Officials came to our schools and picked out teenage girls to work at one of his hundreds of homes around Pyongyang (North Korea's capital city).

"They take the prettiest and ensure they have straight, good legs.

"They learn to serve him food like caviar and extremely rare delicacies. They are also taught how to massage him and they become sex slaves.

"Yes, they have to sleep with him and they cannot make a mistake or object because they could very easily simply disappear.”

Blown up with an anti-aircraft gun

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Executions have become a norm under Kim’s rule – but some have been especially horrific and barbaric.

In 2015, reports from BBC News claimed that Kim had an anti-aircraft gun shred government official, Hyon Yong-chol into pieces in front of hundreds of people after he fell asleep during an event.

The reports were followed by claims from defector Hee Yeon-lim who said she once watched as 11 musicians got blasted by anti-aircraft guns for making a pornographic video.

She told the Daily Mirror: "A gun was fired, the noise was deafening, absolutely terrifying and the guns were fired one after the other.

  • Kim Jong-Un publicly executes 7 North Koreans for watching K-Pop in weird crackdown

"The musicians just disappeared each time the guns were fired into them. Their bodies were blown to bits, totally destroyed, blood and bits flying everywhere.

"And then after that military tanks moved in and they ran over the bits on the ground where the remains lay.

"The tracks of the tanks were run over the remains and blood repeatedly, over and over again and made to grind the remains, to smash them into the ground until there was nothing left."

Executing K-pop fans

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A shocking new report from the human rights organisation Transitional Justice Working Group revealed that seven people have been publicly executed for watching K-pop videos in the rogue nation.

The possession of K-pop music and K-drama soap operas is strictly banned by North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, who has launched a clampdown in recent years in response to the growing popularity of the media among the nation's citizens and around the world.

Interviews with almost 700 defectors reveal that six of the seven executions were made in the city of Hyesan between 2012 and 2014.

Shoot-to-kill order over Covid-19

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Kim Jong-un reportedly issued shoot-to-kill orders at the country's border to prevent coronavirus from entering the country, the commander of US forces in the South claimed in September 2020.

The secretive nation continues to claim it has yet to record a single positive Covid-19 case, despite the virus emerging from neighbouring China and causing a global pandemic.

Police orders obtained by media outlets state those entering the buffer zones without permission “will be unconditionally shot” and warn that anyone seen on the North Korean side of border rivers will be “shot without prior notice”.

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