Lizzie Cundy says former friend Meghan Markle is ‘manipulating’

Lizzie Cundy says former friend Meghan Markle is ‘manipulating’ and it’s ‘all about her’ in controversial Australian TV show interview

  • The 60 Minutes Australia programme featured TV presenter Lizzie Cundy
  • Claimed she’d been friends with Meghan when she was single and ‘liked a drink’
  • Said Meghan ‘could still be the next Princess Diana’ if she wanted to be  

A former friend of the Duchess of Sussex has claimed that the royal has become ‘manipulating’ since marrying Prince Harry. 

Lizzie Cundy criticised Meghan Markle during a controversial interview aired on 60 Minutes Australia.

The TV presenter said she used to be good friends with Meghan, but said she has ‘seen a different side to her’ since she joined the royal family in 2018.

Cundy, who was accused of being a ‘jilted friend’ of the Duchess, spoke of Meghan fondly before claiming that she has now ‘changed’. 

Lizzie Cundy (pictured above) claimed that Meghan used to be great fun and that she liked a drink 

During the documentary Lizzie Cundy said that Meghan (left) could still be the next Princess Diana (right)

‘I didn’t even know she was famous when I met her’, she said.

‘I thought she was great fun. She was very friendly, wanting to please everyone doing selfies and photographs – she wanted a giggle. She liked a drink.’

She went on to claim that Meghan had been ‘looking for a guy’ and that she had a love for England.    

‘She said she wanted a boyfriend, she wanted a celebrity boyfriend and never in my wildest dreams did I think she would end up marrying Prince Harry.’

‘I think Meghan changed to a girl that maybe was more manipulating in doing what Meghan wants to do.

‘I saw a different side.’

Despite being accused of being a ‘jilted friend’ Cundy then laughs off the accusation and says there is still time for Meghan to turn it around. 

‘I wanted her to be the next Princess Diana, I think she still can be.

‘Diana was about everyone else and it appears that Meghan is about Meghan a lot of the time.’

The comments from Cundy come as the show had already come under fire on social media after sharing a promo for the new special on the Duchess, with hoards of her supporters slamming the show for being ‘shameful,’ ‘gross,’ and ‘racist.’

60 Minutes Australia had teased the release of the show on Sunday night, but it was met with criticism

Katie Hopkins (pictured above) also featured on the show and criticised Meghan 

The programme focuses on Meghan Markle and interviews critics of her as well as former friends  

On Wednesday, 60 Minutes Australia shared a one-minute promo video for an upcoming episode, which claims to explore how the Duchess of Sussex ‘lost her sparkle’ and went ‘from adored to insufferable in less than a year.’

While the tweet has earned over 1,000 likes, it has inspired many more comments — mostly from those who are criticizing the show for bullying and giving a platform to racists.

‘#Megxit! How Meghan Markle lost her sparkle,’ the tweet begins. 

‘From adored to insufferable in less than a year. What went wrong for Meghan, and how it affects hubby Harry. SUNDAY on #60Mins: Inside a Royal crisis. Can the ghost of Princess Diana save a fairytale?’ 



Many took to social media to defend Meghan with MPs even voicing their concerns following the trailer  

The controversial preview clip, which has been viewed over a million times, shows bits of interviews with former ‘pal’ Cundy and Katie Hopkins — and seems to exclusively include negative takes on the Duchess, including criticism of her clothes, her personality, her alleged social climbing, and her ‘glow.’

Words like ‘fiend,’ ‘monster,’ ‘hypocrite,’ ‘manipulating,’ ‘abuse,’ ‘lies,’ ‘dirty war,’ and ‘Markle debacle’ are thrown around.

The clip was clearly designed to spark a reaction — and it has, though it seems to be predominantly backlash. 

Critics chimed in with comments on Twitter, calling the show ‘outrageous,’ ‘disgraceful,’ ’embarrassing,’ ‘horrific,’ ‘abhorrent,’ and ‘trash.’ 

‘This isn’t journalism, it’s bullying,’ wrote one. 

‘Wow, jealousy, envy with racism… hope you’re happy with yourself meanwhile the black duchess is busy helping people in need,’ wrote another.

‘What on earth are you playing at ! Leave the woman alone for f*** sake. I believe you have enough problems in OZ already, focus on that!’ said a third. 

Not impressed: Many have specifically called out Hopkins as a ‘known white nationalist’ and slammed the show for giving her a platform

Celebrities and politicians have chimed in, too. 

‘Shame on you for airing this trash,’ tweeted actress Mia Farrow. ‘Great Britain is fortunate to have this intelligent, compassionate, beautiful woman in the Royal Family. In her, Prince Harry has found happiness and for that we rejoice.’ 

And Australian MP Clare O’Neil wrote: ‘For god’s sake just leave the poor woman alone. Why promote such nastiness?’ 

‘Racism really is a disease,’ wrote Riverdale actress Asha Bromfield, retweeting the clip.

Dozens of commenters accused the show of racism.

‘Just say you hate black women and go,’ wrote one.

Commenters also targeted those who chose to speak for the news piece, accusing them of jealousy, racism, and rabble-rousing.

‘These people are insufferable. This makes 60 minutes Australia look bad, not Meghan,’ wrote one, while another tweeted, ‘Omg how jealous are all these people..leave the woman alone.’

‘I wouldn’t say that Meghan has lost her sparkle,’ said one more. ‘She is still adored by so many people. We still love her very much. Meghan, Harry and Archie are very popular and that popularity will likely increase with their upcoming tour. This is just a case of someone starting trouble.’

‘Can’t say I had any particular feeling either way about this woman before now but the way it looks a lot of people are being particularly cruel to her. Real bad look @60Mins, real ugly s***,’ tweeted another.

Chill: Commenters also targeted those who chose to speak for the news piece, accusing them of jealousy, racism, and rabble-rousing

Quite a few people were particularly aghast that the news show decided to dedicate an entire hour to Meghan being disliked, when there are more pressing things — like Prince Andrew’s ties to Jeffrey Epstein — worth exploring in the monarchy.

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