London Underground worker introduces train like a boxing announcer

‘The undefeated, undisputed best service in the world’: Hilarious London Underground worker channels his inner boxing announcer as he introduces incoming train

  • Hus Ragip makes his announcements from a Bank underground station platform 
  • As the DLR train to Lewisham pulls into the station he shouts ‘lets get ready to travel!’
  • Some social media users likened Mr Ragip to famous boxing announcer Michael Buffer

Multiple clips capture Hus Ragip on a platform in London’s Bank station. 

Speaking over the station’s loud-speaker system, he shouts: ‘It’s show time. 

London underground worker Hus Ragip channeled his inner boxing announcer as he introduced the arrival of a DLR train in Bank station

‘Welcoming all passengers to London bank station DLR, welcome to the main event. 

‘This train needs no introduction. Weighing in at 600 tonnes of pure steel, always on time, zero delays.

‘Introducing the undefeated, undisputed best train service in the world. Fighter, DLR Woolwich!’  

Commuters can be seen laughing and smiling at Mr Ragip’s unusual announcing style.

One clip shows the customer service officer shouting ‘lets get ready to travel’ in the same manner as ring announcer Michael Buffer’s iconic catchphrase ‘let’s get ready to rumble’.

The video shows Mr Ragip shouting: ‘This train needs no introduction. Weighing in at 600 tonnes of pure steel, always on time, zero delays’

And Mr Buffer responded to a clip of Mr Ragip’s announcement on Twitter, captioning the post: ‘Wow! I love it!’

Other viewers flocked to social media in support of the funny announcement.

 Richard Bennett commented: ‘This is legendary. What a geezer!’

Twitter user Zoe said: ‘This guy cheered me up no end this evening.’ 

Richard Bennett called Mr Ragip’s unusual announcing style ‘legendary’. He said: ‘What a geezer’

Another Twitter user said: ‘This guy cheered me up no end this evening’

A commuter suggested that Mr Ragip’s announcements are a regular occurrence and he ‘just makes my day’

One commuter, who takes the train from bank every day, called Mr Ragip ‘brilliant’ while another tweeted: ‘What’s not to like?’

This isn’t the first time unusual train announcements were captured on camera. 

A similar clip was captured in 2017. A London Underground worker was spotted channeling his inner boxing MC as he announces the departure of a train at Farringdon Station in East London.

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