Lottery millionaire Gillian Bayford who won £148m jackpot gives birth to a baby at the age of 48 while in lockdown

LOTTERY millionaire Gillian Bayford has given birth to a lockdown baby aged 48.

And the £148million jackpot winner says she is thrilled to be a mum again.

Gillian had her daughter Emilie six months ago. She said: “As far as she is concerned I’m not a lottery winner, I’m just Mum.

“Some things are easier because of the money but it doesn’t really change anything. You still have to change a nappy or deal with her being sick on you regardless of how much you’re worth.”

Gillian shared the EuroMillions jackpot with her then husband Adrian in 2012.

She married dad-of-one Brian Deans, 40, in 2018 but plans to start a family were delayed when she got a verbal warning from a judge for attacking ex Gavin Innes in a row.

Gillian, who has two older kids aged 15 and 13, said of finding out she was pregnant: “It was a bit of a shock at first. Because I’m older, people said to me ‘are you mad?’.

“But I’d always wanted another baby. So after a little bit I thought ‘I better get on with this then’. It’s really enjoyable being an older mum. It is like riding a bike, you don’t forget.”

Gillian, who runs a property firm near her Dundee home, insisted Emilie will not be spoilt.

She said: “She’s not dressed in designer clothes. She’s not got anything different to her brother and sister.

"They all need to know the value of money.”

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