Louisville motorists drives his car with a wheel clamp attached

Clamp chump! Defiant motorist wrecks his car when he drives off with a wheel clamp still attached after trying to KICK it off his tire

  • An angry motorist in Louisville, Kentucky, found his car had been clamped 
  • Instead of paying the fine, the man tried to remove the immobiliser by force
  • He drove his car forwards and backwards until the steel clamp fell off 
  • However, the clamp tore through his front fender before becoming detached 

This is the moment a motorist severely damaged his car by trying to remove a wheel clamp by driving it off. 

The man, who had been clamped for illegally parking in Louisville, Kentucky, got into his car and revved the engine before putting it into gear. 

He tried to use mechanical force to dislodge the orange clamp instead of paying the fine. 

He had previously tried to dislodge the metal clamp by kicking it ineffectually with his trainer-shod foot.  

A motorist in Louisville, Kentucky inspected a wheel clamp attached to his car before deciding he would be able to drive off

The man initially thought he would be able kick off the offending device 

An astonished bystander filmed the man as he put his car into drive and then reverse in an attempt to break free from the clamp. 

The immobiliser remained stubbornly on the wheel and caused significant damage to the front fender as well as burning much of the rubber from his tire. 

Eventually, the steel clamp failed, allowing the man to drive off in his damaged car. 

Paralegal Amber Kelman, 36, witnessed the scene. She said the man had been clamped as he had not paid several earlier parking fines. 

She said: ‘I came into work like any other normal day. I had noticed a car outside with a boot [clamp] on it. 

Instead, he tried to drive with the clamp still attached to the wheel of his car 

The car suffered significant damage as the clamp tore its way through the plastic front fender

However, after repeated attempts, the man was able to drive off leaving behind the clamp

An hour later, my co-worker Gwen and I heard some loud banging. We went to the front door and saw this guy try to knock the boot off with his foot.

‘He then sat in the car for 10 minutes, presumably searching how to remove the boot, before he got back out of the car and kicked it again for 15 minutes.

‘Realising that he wasn’t doing much, he got back in the car and started to move it around. After getting stuck while reversing, he managed to drive forwards a bit faster, back up, and loosen the boot from the tire.

‘I wish I could find this guy and let him know he’s gone viral. I’d love to know what happened to him after the city found out he removed the boot.’ 

The immobilisation device was left mangled on the side of the street following the incident

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