'Love Wins' minister identified as man 'who peed on sleeping plane passenger before shaking himself off as cops arrived'

A POLICE report identified "Love Wins" minister Daniel Chalmers as a man who allegedly peed on a sleeping plane passenger before "shaking himself off."

Alicia Beverly previously described the horrifying moment when she alleged she woke up to a man urinating on her in the October 13 flight.

A report from the Wayne Metropolitan Airport Police obtained by the Winston-Salem Journal detailed the alleged incidents.

The alleged events happened on a Delta Airlines flight from Las Vegas to Detroit.

In her statement to police, Beverly said she "was sleeping and I felt something next to me."

She added that she "woke up and looked to my right and seen this guy standing next to me."

"Shortly after I started to feel something warm and I jumped up and screamed and noticed he was shaking his penis like he was finished and that's when I felt my skirt was wet," Beverly told cops.

A police officer on board the flight confronted the man after the incident, and asked him for identification.

The man – identified as Daniel Chalmers – said "I didn't do it," the report said.

The police officer said he was the only one seen standing at the time, along with the flight crew, according to the document.

When the police officer told Chalmers what he was accused of, he responded: "I'm a pastor, that is out of my character and I didn't do it," the report said.

Chalmers told the officer he had taken prescription medication – but said he had not had "a drip of alcohol."

The officer detailed that he saw "a small" wet spot on Chalmers' shorts near the groin.

After the plane landed, as Chalmers was led being led off, he told the plane's captain he would "sue Delta Airlines for defamation of character and their treatment of him," the document states.

When Chalmers was taken into police custody, he "stated he had a couple of drinks and he was taking prescribed medicine," the report said.

His representatives reportedly claimed that the peeing incident was a reaction to a sleep aid he had taken.

Chalmers is a co-founder of Love Wins Ministries.

According to Love Wins' website, the ministries' home church is in the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina.

Because the incident took place in the air, the FBI will take over the case.

In a statement to The Sun, the agency previously said the suspect "was issued a court appearance for a misdemeanor assault and released."

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