Lower Trent Conservation issues water safety statement

A water safety statement has been issued for Northumberland County and areas of Quinte West.

The Lower Trent Conservation says rain and above seasonal temperatures this weekend could create high flows, unsafe banks, melting ice and nuisance flooding near bodies of water throughout the region.

The statement is advising people to avoid the fast-flowing waterways.

The LTC says stream flows and levels across its jurisdiction are generally in the normal range but precipitation could result in increased flows on small creeks and streams across the watershed region including Mayhew, Cold, Rawdon, Mill, Trout, Butler, Salt, Colborne and Shelter Valley creeks.

Water levels are expected to remain stable for the Trent River.

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The LTC says broken ice on the creeks could also result in ice jamming and cause further flood concerns.

Authorities also advise that the Trent River and Bay of Quinte will remain primarily ice-covered but will be considered “extremely unsafe.”

“The public is further cautioned that fast-moving water, cold water temperatures and unstable stream banks will create additional hazards,” the statement reads.

“Areas around dams, culverts and bridges should be avoided at all times. Parents and caregivers are advised to keep children and pets away from all waterways.”

The water safety statement will remain in effect until at least Tuesday.

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