Loyal dog protects its owner as he sleeps off a hangover in the middle of street

This is the adorable moment a loyal dog prevented angry drivers and a police officer from waking its owner who was sleeping off a hangover in the middle of a street.

The protective pooch lies on top of the man in the footage and barks at anyone who comes near him.

The dog then licks its owner’s face and paces around his body in a circle in a desperate bid to protect him.

A policeman tries to deal with the disturbance but the mutt won’t let him close to his hungover owner.

The pet nuzzles the man’s face, trying to wake him up on the street in Colombia.

Eventually, the owner wakes up from his drunken slumber as the policeman distracts his dog.

The clip has been watched more than 700,000 times since it was shared on social media.

It has melted the hearts of many dog lovers online.

One Facebook user wrote: "I’m glad that no one tried to hit the dog as he snapped at people. They realized he was just trying to protect.

Another posted: " Dogs are too good for us! There [sic] loyalty is beyond pure."

Others online were outraged at the owner’s "irresponsible" behaviour.

"Some humans don’t deserve dogs," wrote one person.

And another shared: "What is the guy doing??"

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