Man, 20, left gobsmacked after being asked for ID to buy a bottle of WATER

Joshua Tracey had stopped to buy his girlfriend Lizzie Turvey a drink at an Esso BP garage in Lincoln, Lincs, on Thursday because she wasn't feeling well.

The 20-year-old picked up a bottle of Smart Water and took it to the till but was stunned when he was asked to prove he was over 18.

Joshua, from Newark, Lincs., says he asked if the cashier was being serious and was told it was because the water contained a chemical found in energy drinks.

He said: "At first I said 'are you joking?' and the woman behind me was wetting herself – she was laughing the whole time.

"But the woman said 'no, no I need to see ID'.

"I did have ID on me but I did refuse a little bit because it was ridiculous.

"She just said she'll let me off this time."

Smart Water contains electrolytes – which are also found in energy drinks.

A number of retailers banned under 16s from buying energy drinks last year due to concerns that they contain high levels of sugar and caffeine.

Josh added: "I just grabbed the Smart Water because it was the only water there.

"I thought it was ridiculous to be fair.

"I know they ID for energy drinks but not water.

"What if a child needed water because they weren't feeling well or because of the hot weather and they couldn't buy it."

The Esso BP garage was contacted and a member of staff said it was not common practice to ID people for water.

The petrol station denied to comment.

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