Man attacks neighbour with a machete for breaking wind in his face

Man breaks into neighbour’s home and attacks them with a machete as revenge for breaking wind in his face

  • Indonesian man identified only as A.S., 37, arrested in West Sumatra province
  • He admitted breaking into neighbour’s house and attacking him with a machete 
  • He said attack was revenge for neighbour F.G., 46, repeatedly farting in his face 
  • F.G. now in serious condition in hospital while wife N.R.D. was also injured 

A 37-year-old Indonesian man has been arrested for attacking his neighbour with a machete and sickle after the man repeatedly farted in his face as a joke.

The attacker, identified only as 37-year-old A.S., was arrested in the city of Padang, West Sumatra province, earlier this week after the attack on January 21.

Neighbour F.G., 46, was left in critical condition in hospital while his wife, 41-year-old N.R.D, suffered wounds to her arms and ear.  

A 37-year-old Indonesian construction worker, named only as A.S. (pictured), has been arrested after attacking his neighbour with a machete and sickle

Police say F.G., 46, was attacked a week after he repeatedly farted in A.S.’s face for a joke, leaving him seriously injured

Cops say F.G. had managed to approach A.S. – a construction worker – and break wind in his face twice last week because he found it funny.

A.S. waited several days before launching his attack, breaking into his neighbour’s home while he was asleep in bed around 7am local time.

He then hacked at the man’s head and chest with the machete before the man’s wife arrived, having heard the commotion.  

She reportedly suffered injuries while trying to stop the attack.

Medics were eventually called and the couple taken to hospital. 

A.S. was subsequently arrested and admitted to attacking the couple because he felt ‘hurt’ over the farting incident. 

‘There are no other problems, only that they farted at me last week,’ he said.

A.S. said he did not know his neighbour well, and had never joked that way with him before. He is now facing eight years in jail for aggravated assault

F.G. is recovering from his wounds in hospital, while his wife – named only as N.R.D. – is also recovering from injuries to her arms and ear

He added that he has never been close with the neighbours and did not routinely joke with them, meaning the farting incident left him feeling humiliated.

A.S. has been charged with aggravated assault and is now facing up to eight years behind bars. 

Police said they are continuing their investigation to determine whether there was another reason behind the attack.

F.G. is said to be recovering from his injuries in hospital and is no longer in critical condition. The investigation continues.

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