Man-eating tigress ‘who killed 13’ shot dead after huge hunt

A tigress believed to have killed 13 people has been shot dead after a huge hunt in India.

Some of her victims were decapitated as they were mauled to death in the western state of Maharashtra.

The animal, known as T-1, is said to have to have killed 10 people in the space of 20 months since 2016, while her most recent victims were killed in August.

Animal rights campaigners had called for the tiger’s life to be spared.

T-1 was killed near Borati village, with the Forestry Department saying a single shot killed her after she charged at a patrol vehicle, having been hit by a tranquiliser dart.

In the aftermath of the three deaths in the summer, locals were told not to go out when it was dark, and to only go out in groups.

Bizarrely bottles of perfume Obsession for Men by Calvin Klein were used in the hunt, after a study in the US showed that a substance named civetone, used to make it, attracts jaguars.

More than 100 camera traps were set up, and goats were tied to trees in order to attract the tigress and her two cubs.

Round-the-clock surveillance and armed patrols were also used in the hunt.

Principal Chief Conservator of Forest, A. K. Mishra, told the Indian Express that there were several ‘fleeting’ sightings of the animal before she was shot.

He said: "Finally, at around 11 pm, one of our forest staffers managed to dart her with a tranquillisation gun.

"But she charged at the team, forcing Asgar to shoot in self-defence."

However vet Prayag Hodigere Siddalingappa said the shooting was not legal, stating: "It’s a murder, poaching."

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