Man launches sickening racist rant at woman on London bus

A man was filmed launching a sickening racist rant at a woman on a bus in Londo – before passenger steps in.

The greying man, wearing a white t-shirt, dark jeans and work boots, seemingly begins the nasty tirade after asking the woman which bus they are on.

But the situation on the top floor of the number 15 bus, travelling between London’s Blackwall Station and Trafalgar Square, quickly turns sour.

At one point, the antagonist turns round in his seat and tells the woman sat at the back of the bus: “We’re gonna get you f***ers out cos you lot f***ers stink.”

The woman calmly tries to ignore the slurring bigot’s jibes, despite being abused time and time again.

But the man turns around to hurl more unintelligible abuse, gesticulating and raising his voice before getting out of his seat to approach her, labelling her a “f***ing b****”.

The terrified woman can be heard pleading with the man to stop during the course of the 90-second clip, recorded by another passenger on his mobile phone last month.

Seeing the passenger in trouble, a young woman appears from the front of the bus to confront the bully, asking: “Do you have any problem with the lady?”

Rather than cease his unacceptable behaviour, he turns his vitriol on the Good Samaritan, violently shoving her as tensions continued to rise.

As the situation threatens to escalate further, the man recording the footage gets up to diffuse it, at one point catching a glimpse of the several terrified passengers sat in close attendance just as the video ends.

It is unclear whether the incident has been reported to police.

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