Man pulled from frigid waters near American side of Niagara Falls

New York State Park Police say a man was pulled from the frigid waters of the Niagara River alive on Thursday afternoon.

Police Major Clyde Doty said a 911 call was received just before noon about a man in the river off of Luna Island.

Upon arrival, Doty and first responders found the man clinging to a log near the Falls.

Doty — who went into the water and grabbed hold of the man during the rescue — said the man was conscious but not alert.

“He just had that stare. I mean, clearly hypothermia had set in,” said Doty.

“Once I did get a hold of him I was trying to hold his head up but his arms… his body was so rigid he couldn’t move in any way.”

Doty said the man was wearing a life jacket, jeans and thermal underwear.

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