Manitoba PC party member adds to harassment claims against Cliff Graydon

A longtime Manitoba Progressive Conservative party member said she was groped by Cliff Graydon — a politician recently kicked out of the Tory caucus.

The woman asked not to be identified because she fears coming forward might hurt her career.

The woman told The Canadian Press, she was at a Winnipeg bar in September 2017 when Graydon put his hand on her buttocks and squeezed hard, then moved his hand up to her chest area and groped her.

She said Graydon then propositioned her, but she said no, and the two parted ways soon afterward.

Graydon did not respond to requests for comment.

None of the allegations have been tested in a court and the woman has not filed a complaint with police.

In a separate interview, a male colleague who is also a Progressive Conservative told The Canadian Press the woman told him the same story in February.

Graydon was kicked out of the Tory caucus last month over inappropriate remarks to female staff.

He said at the time he was guilty of having a bad sense of humour and said he had never touched anyone inappropriately.

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