McDonald's worker slammed after serving 'half-eaten' burgers and 'ruining' food with too much sauce in TikTok video

A MCDONALD's worker has been slammed as the "worst employee ever" after serving "half-eaten" burgers and deliberately "ruining" food with too much sauce.

The TikTok user has racked up more than three million views since February after filming himself at work in one of the food giant's stores at an unknown location in the US.

In one video from the user – believed to be a man and known only as @mikky.d0 – the worker shows a Bacon McDouble with the bottom beef patty missing a chunk, with the caption "we got a little hungry".

The employee showed off the meat with a significant chunk missing before covering it with a slice of cheese and the remaining ingredients, wrapping it up and sliding it towards the serving counter.

Furious viewers interpreted this to mean the burger had been half eaten and blasted the video, saying "you need to be jailed if that's real".

One video left viewers horrified as the worker went into what appeared to be a McDonald's walk-in fridge to show off flat sheets of "folded eggs" in plastic wrapping waiting to be warmed up.

McDonald's confirmed it was investigating the incident as the food preparation in the video did not meet their "robust food quality and safety standards".

Other clips show staff piling huge handfuls of dozens of pickles on a burger and drowning other food in "extra" sauce.

The filmmaker claimed staff also say the ice cream machine has broken just because they "don't like making them" and showed the machine working.

While some viewers were quick to claim the burger with a "bite" missing was a joke, others slammed it as "not funny" and questioned why the staff had not been fired.

One person wrote: "People getting real bold forgetting the girl that licked ice cream in Tesco got 4 years in jail."

Another wrote: "In a pandemic, you are getting fired 100%."

A third said: "This man is the worst employee I've ever seen."

In another clip where a customer requested extra tartare sauce on their Filet-o-Fish, footage showed staff overloading both buns with copious amounts of the condiment.

Viewers slammed the video as "disgusting" after the employee squirted five hefty portions of the sauce on one meal before adding seven to the second dish.

A UK spokesperson for McDonald's said: "To be clear, this video is not from the UK & Ireland market but rather seems to be from the US."

McDonald's US confirmed they were "actively investigating" the videos.

The company said all the eggs they serve in their restaurants "start with real egg" but admitted their omelette-style eggs are made in their suppliers' kitchens before arriving at their restaurants in frozen form for a "consistent shape".

Commenting on the ice cream machine clip, McDonald's explained that the machines undergo regular cleaning, which "may result in customers experiencing a longer wait time or soft serve machines that were unavailable".

The company said it is consistently working with franchisees to improve and enhance the restaurant experience so customers "can purchase the sweet treats they enjoy from their dessert menu where and when they want it".

It comes after former Big Brother contestant and internet sensation Jack McDermott, known as PieFace online, discussed his time spent working at McDonald's on the Happy Hour Podcast where he admitted the truth about the ice-cream machines.

Hosts JaackMaate and Stevie White asked him why the machine is "always broken" – and he gave a very simple explanation.

"It's a pretty simple reason, and that's that they are so expensive they will only buy one per store but because it gets so much use it just overheats.

"So that's why they have to stop serving them because it just overheats. So when it's too popular they need to allow more time for it to freeze down.

"That's the genuine reason as to why when they say they can't serve McFlurries, that's why. It needs like 15 minutes because it's pumping out so quickly sometimes."

He said it "basically comes out like slush" and explained that if each store had two machines "it would solve that".

Previously, a former worker explained that the reason was because the machines take a whopping three hours to clean, so staff lie to customers saying it's broken when it's not.

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