Meghan McCain leads the tributes to her late father

‘I love you forever, my beloved father’: Meghan McCain leads the tributes to her father with heartbreaking statement as Obama, the Clintons and the Bush family offer their condolences

  • Senator John McCain died on Saturday at the age of 81
  • Tributes have poured in from politicians and celebrities to honor his life 
  • His daughter Meghan shared note hailing her father a ‘hero of the Republic’
  • Trump tweeted a one-line tribute writing: ‘My deepest sympathies and respect go out to the family of Senator John McCain’ 
  • Obamas issued a lengthy statement commending the Arizona senator’s courage 
  • First Lady Melania and fellow politicians have also shared tributes
  • Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said he will introduce resolution to rename Senate office building after McCain 
  • His death comes a day after his family announced he halted his medical care after battling aggressive stage four brain cancer for more than a year 

Senator John McCain has passed away at the age of 81 and officials from both sides of the political spectrum are sharing their respects to the late maverick conservative.

He passed away a day after his family announced that the Vietnam War hero would stop treatment for his stage-four brain cancer.

The Arizona Republican died at 4.28pm on Saturday surrounded by family and aides at his Arizona ranch.

His daughter Meghan McCain led a stream of online tributes saying: ‘I love you forever, my beloved father’.

Despite his prickly relationship with the senator, Donald Trump tipped off his hat to McCain with a one line message, followed by a heartfelt two-paragraph statement issued by the Obamas.

‘My deepest sympathies and respect go out to the family of Senator John McCain. Our hearts and prayers are with you!’ the president tweeted Saturday evening. 

Tributes have poured in from politicians and celebrities to honor the life of Senator John McCain who passed away Saturday afternoon at the age of 81 of stage four brain cancer

Despite his contentious relationship with McCain, Trump paid his respects Saturday evening sharing his ‘deepest sympathies’ to the senator’s family in a one line tribute

The First Lady also shared her sympathies, thanking McCain for his service to the nation

Vice President Mike Pence commended the senator for his military service and public works

Ivanka Trump joined the chorus writing: ‘Honoring the memory and legacy of Senator John McCain, an American patriot’

The senator’s wife Cindy McCain, 64, took to Twitter to share her heartbreak upon her husband’s death.  

‘My heart is broken. I am so lucky to have lived the adventure of loving this incredible man for 38 years. He passed the way he lived, on his own terms, surrounded by the people he loved, in the the place he loved best,’ she wrote Saturday evening.

Their daughter Meghan McCain, 33, shared a moving note on Twitter, revealing her last moments with her father. 

‘I was with my father at his end, as he was with me at my beginning…All that I am is thank to him. Now that he is gone, the task of my lifetime is to live up to his example, his expectations, and his love.

‘He was a great fire who burned bright, and we lived in his light and warmth for so very long. We know that his flame lives on, in each of us.

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The late senator’s wife shared her heartbreak on Twitter saying: ‘I am so lucky to have lived the adventure of loving this incredible man for 38 years.’

Meghan McCain shared a moving letter announcing the death of her father on Saturday evening

The Obama’s shared a lengthy tribute to McCain, praising the Vietnam veteran’s courage

Former president George W. Bush called McCain ‘a friend whom I’ll deeply miss’ in tribute

Former president George H. W. Bush also released a statement commending McCain as ‘a patriot of the highest order, a public servant of rarest courage’

The Clintons shared a moving tribute, praising the Vietnam veteran for his exemplary service

‘My father is gone, and I miss him only as an adoring daughter can. But in this loss, and in this sorrow, I take comfort in this: John McCain, hero of the republic and to his little girl, wakes today to something more glorious than anything on this earth. 

‘Today the warrior enters his true and eternal life, greeted by those who have gone before him rising to meet the Author of All Things: “The dream is ended: this is the morning,”‘ she wrote. 

Barack Obama also issued a touching statement commending the Arizona native, who he defeated in the 2008 presidential election, as inspiration to the nation.

‘John McCain and I were members of different generations, came from completely different backgrounds, and competed at the highest level of politics. But we shared, for all our differences, a fidelity to something higher – the ideals for which generations of Americans and immigrants alike have fought, marched, and sacrificed.’

The statement continued: ‘Few of us have been tested the way John once was, or required to show the kind of courage that he did. But all of us can aspire to the courage to put the greater good above our own. At John’s best, he showed us what that means. And for that, we are all in his debt. Michelle and I send our most heartfelt condolences to Cindy and their family.’ 

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell asked Republicans in his home state to observe a moment of silence for McCain in a lengthy statement saying: ‘From his cell in Hanoi to the halls of the Senate, he never stopped fighting with courage and determination.’

Attorney General Jeff Sessions released this statement honoring the senator’s life saying: ‘For John McCain, his country was his life. He was tireless in its service’

Sarah Palin, McCain’s former running mate in his 2008 presidential campaign, took to Twitter to write a two-part statement saying: ‘John McCain was a maverick and a fighter, never afraid to stand for his beliefs’

Senator Lindsey Graham was McCain’s closest confidante on the Senate floor and said he lost his dear ally and mentor. He followed up with a second tweet saying: ‘I will need some time to absorb this’

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey said all flags would be lowered to half-staff in honor of McCain’s dedication to his state and the nation

Ducey shared a long message to praise McCain’s legacy saying: ‘We were most proud to call him a fellow Arizonan’

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Shumer said he’ll introduce a resolution to rename a Senate office building after McCain

Mike Pence followed the president’s tribute on Twitter writing: ‘Karen and I send our deepest condolences to Cindy and the entire McCain family on the passing of Senator John McCain. We honor his lifetime of service to this nation in our military and in public life. His family and friends will be in our prayers. God bless John McCain.’ 

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell asked Republicans in his home state to observe a moment of silence for McCain in a lengthy statement saying: ‘Today is a deeply sad day for the Senate and for our nation…It’s an understatement to say the Senate will not be the same without our friend John.’

‘From his cell in Hanoi to the halls of the Senate, he never stopped fighting with courage and determination,’ he added.

Sarah Palin took to Twitter to share her condolences as well. She was McCain’s running mate during the 2008 presidential election. 

‘Today we lost an American original. Sen. John McCain was a maverick and a fighter, never afraid to stand for his beliefs. John never took the easy path in life – and through sacrifice and suffering he inspired others to serve something greater than self,’ she wrote, calling him a dear friend and sharing an image of the two together on the campaign trail.

Senator Lindsey Graham was McCain’s closest confidante on the Senate floor and took to Twitter saying: ‘America and Freedom have lost one of her greatest champions. ….And I’ve lost one of my dearest friends and mentor.’

‘I will need some time to absorb this, but I want Cindy —and the entire McCain family — to know they are in my prayers,’ he added. 

Former Secretary of State John Kerry described the late senator as ‘an American original – guts, grit and ultimately grace personified’

Former Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright recalled how she saw first-hand how McCain motivated democracy’s advocates ‘while instilling fear in tyrants across the globe’

Former Senator Joe Lieberman, a close friend of McCain’s shared his heartbreak writing: ‘His death today hurts. I have lost a dear friend’

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster hailed McCain ‘among the greatest of men’

Minority Leader of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi praised McCain as a leader and public servant of deep patriotism

Al Gore wrote on Twitter that he ‘always admired and respected John from the opposite side of the aisle’

Former Speaker of the House John Boehner said the Arizona senator ‘lived with courage until the end’

Former Vice President Joe Biden said ‘more than anything, John was a friend’

Bernie Sanders also shared his respects saying McCain will be missed by all Americans ‘who respect integrity and independence’

US House candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said she learned about the power of humanity through interning for Senator Kennedy where she observed his friendship with McCain

Former California Governor Arnold Scwarzenegger commended McCain for his dignity and service, adding ‘He showed us the way’

Retired American astronaut and retired US Navy Captain thanked the Vietnam veteran for his service, adding ‘Fair winds and follow seas, Captain’

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also voiced his respect for McCain adding: ‘Canadians join Americans tonight in celebrating his life and mourning his passing’

Former president George W. Bush called McCain ‘a man of deep conviction’ and his dear friend in a moving tribute.

‘Some lives are so vivid, it is difficult to imagine them ended. Some voices are so vibrant, it is hard to think of them stilled. John McCain was a man of deep conviction and a patriot of the highest order,’ he said.

‘He was a public servant in the finest traditions of our country. And to me, he was a friend whom I’ll deeply miss. Laura and I send our heartfelt sympathies to Cindy and the entire McCain family, and our thanks to God for the life of John McCain,’ he added.  

The Clintons shared a lengthy joint statement as well praising the late Republican for his heroic service to the country.

‘Senator John McCain believed that every citizen has a responsibility to make something of the freedoms given by our Constitution, and from his heroic service in the Navy to his 35 years in Congress, he lived by his creed every day. 

‘He was a skilled, tough politician, as well as a trusted colleague alongside whom Hillary was honored to serve in the Senate. He frequently put partisanship aside to do what he thought was best for the country, and was never afraid to break the mold if it was the right thing to do. 

‘I will always be especially grateful for his leadership in our successful efforts to normalize relations with Vietnam. Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife, Cindy, his mother, Roberta, his children, and his entire family.’

The American flag at the White House was lowered to half-staff after McCain’s passing 

Paying respects: Flags across the nation were lowered to half mast following senator’s death

A hearse arrived to the Sedona, Arizona home of the late senator on Saturday evening

Soon after the hearse was pictured leaving the McCain ranch estate hours after the senator’s death was publicly announced

A military veteran paid respects at the entrance to the McCain ranch complex where the senator passed away surrounded by family and aides on Saturday afternoon

His hearse pictured en route to Phoenix, Arizona from his ranch in Sedona

Honoring his service: Senator’s hearse traveled with a stunning police escort procession

Dozens of Americans lined Interstate 17 holding American flags as they waited for the procession to pass through with the hearse carrying the late McCain 

Former vice president Al Gore shared a statement as well calling McCain ‘a true patriot’.  

‘Senator McCain was an American hero and a true patriot … I have no doubt that the Maverick’s legacy will forever be an important model of leadership and civil discourse,’ he wrote.

US House of Representatives Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi tweeted her condolences as well. 

‘He was a patriotic, courageous hero who served his country above all. You will be missed, Senator McCain. May you Rest In Peace.’

Arizona governor Doug Ducey shared a lengthy statement as well calling McCain ‘a giant. An icon. An American hero. He will never be forgotten.’

He also ordered all flags be lowered to half-staff in remembrance of the trailblazer’s life. He is expected to be named as McCain’s replacement in Senate.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer went so far as to say he will introduce a resolution to rename a Senate office building – the Russell – after McCain ‘so that generations remember him’.  

Senator John McCain’s family announced Friday he would discontinue treatment for his aggressive terminal brain cancer

The Arizona Republican was diagnosed with aggressive glioblastoma last summer

On Friday the McCain family announced in a joint statement that the 81-year-old would stop treatment for his aggressive brain cancer that forced him to step away from Washington in December in order to seek medical treatment. 

‘Last summer, Senator John McCain shared with Americans the news our family already knew: he had been diagnosed with an aggressive glioblastoma, and the prognosis was serious. 

‘In the year since, John has surpassed expectations for his survival. But the progress of disease and the inexorable advance of age render their verdict. With his usual strength of will, he has now chosen to discontinue medical treatment. 

‘Our family is immensely grateful for the support and kindness of all his caregivers over the last year, and for the continuing outpouring of concern and affection from John’s many friends and associates, and the many thousands of people who are keeping him in their prayers. God bless and thank you all.’ 

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