Michael Douglas lauds Bloomberg as the best ‘candidate in 40 years’ – The Sun

MICHAEL Douglas told Democratic Nominee Michael Bloomberg's hometown that he is "one of the best candidates running for office in 30 to 40 years".

Douglas, who played the commander-in-chief in "The American President", hit the campaign trail on behalf of Bloomberg in the former New York City mayor's hometown, Quincy, Massachusetts.


The actor told the 200 people at Bloomberg's Medford office on Sunday that he's "progressively become more and more concerned" about the direction of the country in the last three years under President Trump.

But Douglas said that he became "ecstatic" when Bloomberg announced his candidacy a few months ago.

He recalls telling his late father Kirk Douglas about the Bloomberg campaign, ”I’m all in, Dad. I’m all in."

He went on to praise Bloomberg's efforts with gun control after appearing at the event with Dylan, his eldest child with Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Douglas even went on to say that Bloomberg was a proven leader who reminded him of John F. Kennedy.

He said: "He's just a really, really impressive man."

Acknowledging Bloomberg's poor performance at the debate last week in Las Vegas he said: "I mean he may not win the contest in stand up comedian but you can't be everything to everybody.

"So I just admire this guy so much. I am really happy to be out here."

The Oscar winner went on to thank the crowd for their attendance at the event.

He said: "Thank you so much for being here today, for supporting Mike. Let's go see what happens and let's get this done."

After his stiff and testy manner at the debate last week, many questioned the viability of Bloomberg's campaign and if it can last past Super Tuesday where the billionaire is banking on winning a majority of delegates.

There have also been reports of a number of lawsuits that accuse Bloomberg of making crude comments in the 1990s creating an uncomfortable work environment for women.

Bloomberg has denied all allegations.

He recently had to fend off criticism about his support for controversial policies such as the ‘stop-and-frisk’.

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