Mini ‘Beast from the East’ brings snow, sleet and shivers to the UK

A mini beast from the east will bring shivers, snow and sleet to the UK this week.

Temperatures will struggle to reach more than 8-9C across much of the country in the coming days.

And the wind chill effect could make it feel close to freezing along the eastern coast.

Bitterly cold air from Scandinavia will bring an end to the unseasonably mild November weather we have enjoyed so far.

It will be swept away by an icy blast from across the north sea.

But forecasters say warmer air from the south will bring a little welcome relief next weekend.

Met Office forecast Greg Dewhurst said today: “There is a large area of high pressure which is centred over Scandinavia and what this is doing is introducing easterly winds across the UK as we enter the new working week.

“This will bring a mix of sunny spells and scattered showers. Some of the showers could be on the wintry side over the tops of the Pennines, Scottish Highlands and the Welsh mountains, even some of the higher hills, the South Downs for example, could see some sleet or snow towards the middle of the week.

“The main story will just be the feel of the weather. We have been used to temperatures of up to the mid-teens and high-teens across much of the UK this November so far.

“We are likely to see temperatures really struggling of 8C or 9C, at the very best, as we go through the week. So there is a cold feel to come but nothing exceptional.”

The average for this time of year is around 9-11C.

He added: “As we go towards next weekend there are indications it may become less cold, maybe a bit wetter and windier.”

Ladbrokes have slashed the odds on the coming winter being the coldest in history, from 4/1 to just 6/4.

Spokesman Alex Apati said: “The Beast from the East is back and it looks like this winter could set new records.”

But forecasters say the outlook for the rest of the year is uncertain.

Mr Dewhurst added: “For the rest of the year there is a fine balance as to whether we will stay with the cold weather or go milder again.

"I imagine it will be a bit of a mix. There is no strong evidence of anything prolonged and cold, at this stage anyway.”

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