Mitch McConnell 'tells Trump NOT to make deal with Nancy Pelosi for new stimulus and $1,200 checks before election'

MITCH McConnell warned President Donald Trump to not strike a deal with Nancy Pelosi before the election on the ongoing dispute over the next stimulus package.

According to reports, McConnell privately told Republican senators on Tuesday that he had warned the White House about striking a pre-election deal – an agreement the president has demanded get done.

McConnell argued Democrats “have spent months holding out for a long, far-left wing list of non-Covid related priorities.”

He added that their position has been “all or nothing.”

The New York Times reported that four Republicans familiar with the Majority Leaders remarks, said McConnell threw cold water on Trump’s increasingly urgent push to enact a new stimulus package before Election Day.

Still, McConnell publicly said Tuesday that if a deal is reached between Pelosi and Steve Mnuchin and is supported by President Trump, he would put the bill on the floor for a vote.

However, he did not indicate a time frame for doing so and many believe any deal would ultimately slip until after the election into a lame-duck session of Congress.

“We would put it on the floor of the Senate and let the Senate consider it,” McConnell told reporters after the lunch.

The news comes a day after Pelosi said she was “optimistic” that a deal could be reached with Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin by the end of the week.

Pelosi said there were still areas in the deal where more work was required to get a compromise, saying she was “pleased” with the Trump administrations latest position.

According to the House Speaker, both sides are “in range” on other health care provisions.

On Wednesday, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows added to Pelosi's positive remarks and also said he was "optimistic" a deal could be agreed on by tomorrow.

Meadows added that both sides "share one goal, and that is hopefully to get some kind of deal in the next 48 hours or so."

He said negotiations have shifted toward crafting specific language for the legislation, so as long as the two side can agree upon a final number.

"We're still apart. Still a number of issues to work on, but the last 24 hours have moved the ball down the field," Meadows said.

Democrats and Republicans sharply disagree over the size and scope of another relief bill and are billions of dollars apart in their proposals.

The issues both parties come across are virus testing plan, aid to state and local governments and tax cuts for low and middle income families.

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