Mom explains why she pulled gun during daughter’s brawl

A mom in Houston caught on video pointing a gun at another girl fighting her teenage daughter says she was only protecting her family — and claims it was a BB gun anyway.

The woman, Chade Lockett, told KTRK that the video, which has been widely shared on social media, doesn’t reveal the entire story behind Sunday’s altercation at an apartment complex in southeast Houston.

“I’m doing what a mother should do — which is protect your child, and y’all trying to make it seem like y’all didn’t do anything,” Lockett told the station.

The beef between the teens started as a disagreement on Snapchat that ultimately turned physical, according to the station.

Veneisha Jones, who witnessed and recorded the melee, said Lockett pulled a gun on her niece shortly after things got heated.

“We were frightened for our lives,” Jones told the station. “My niece was basically out there getting harmed by an adult. She’s 15. The girl is 13. They’re both teens, they fight and get into it. That’s what teens do, but the mom, she had no reason to put her hands on her or anything like that.”

Jones’ niece, identified by KPRC as Tiffanee McIntyre, claims she was trying to quell tensions before Lockett pulled out a gun.

“What was she thinking with a gun?” McIntyre’s grandmother, Tracy McIntyre, asked the station.

McIntyre said Lockett attacked her granddaughter as the teens were fighting, hitting her several times in the face.

“Kids, I understand they are going to fight, but I want justice for the mother for what she did to my granddaughter,” McIntyre told KPRC.

Lockett disputed that characterization, saying she was merely making sure her daughter wasn’t seriously hurt — or worse.

“I went back to the car to get the BB gun when I saw they had knives,” Lockett said. “It was either the crowbar or the BB gun. I chose the BB gun. It looked realistic. It was 15 of them and two of us.”

Victor Senties, a Houston police spokesman, confirmed to The Post there was an investigation into the incident by the department’s Major Assaults and Family Violence division. No further information was available, including a copy of a police report, he said.

Lockett, meanwhile, insists she was simply doing what any parent would do for their child.

“When I see knives … what are you going to do?” she asked. “I’m going to defend myself and my daughter.”

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