Mom-of-16 reveals how ‘messy’ life with her bumper brood REALLY is with epic home tour

A MOM-of-16 revealed how "messy" life with her bumper brood REALLY is as she gave an epic home tour.

Tiffany Nelson revealed in a YouTube video how the family's home looks during a day in the life of the bustling family of 18.

The Nelson family document their days as an enormous family on their YouTube channel Not Enough Nelsons.

The kids – seven which are biological, and nine which are adopted – range from ages 16 months to 23 years old.

"I just got home and I think things are going to be pretty messy," the mom said as she began her tour of the family's three-story home.

"We actually live in this house, and it gets to be a bomb," she admitted.

As she showed off the family's living space on the main floor, one of her kids spilled Reece's Pieces on the floor.

"Oh dear, that was a mistake," she said.

As she went into one of the bathrooms, she revealed a garbage can that had been toppled over as one of the kids admitted their dog, Peppa, got into it.

Tiffany then went into the kitchen, where craft supplies were spread out on the counter as her kids were making Valentine's boxes.

Revealing a few dishes in the sink, she said she was "impressed."

"I've been gone for a few hours and it's not too bad," the mom said.

As she went to the laundry room, she said: "I'm really afraid."

Although she'd done laundry four days ago, she said it's gotten "a little out of control."

She then showed laundry scattered over counters, in piles, and hanging up around the room.

"Don't worry guys, this laundry room might be giving you anxiety right now like it's giving me, but in about 2 hours it'll look like this," she revealed as she showed a pic of how the room would look cleaned up.

"Guys, it gets real – and it can not get more real than this laundry room," she said.

She added: "I get on top of it for a week or two and then – boom – it's like this again," Tiffany added.

Tiffany went into her youngest kid's room, where she showed a few laundry items lay on the floor – but the space was mostly tidy.

The mom-of-16 then went into her bedroom, where she revealed some clothes scattered around.

"I say that I really like to make my bed – I didn't get around to really making my bed," she admitted as she revealed the covers had just been pulled up on a busy morning.

Going into the bathroom, she showed the counter had a few items scattered on it.

"Look at this mess," she said as she showed a box of hair dye on the counter.

The mom then went to show an area where she said she enjoys her "mommy time" and said it looks "like a little bit of a bomb."

She showed another table in a living area had odds and ends scattered on it – which she said has become the "random papers spot."

Tiffany then showed one of her kids' closets, as she showed items were not hung in a bin.

"Literally, everything is not hanging up anymore, it's just all down there," she showed.

She then said she was "a little afraid" to open a closet, as she revealed American dolls were scattered about.

Going to one of her daughter's rooms, she then showed that she was in the process of organizing as bottles lay scattered on the floor and a vanity's drawers were open and empty.

"It has to get worse before it gets better. I believe in you," she told her daughter.

Revealing her sons' room, she showed blankets, pillows, towels, and clothes were scattered about.

The mom showed off her YouTube office space, which was tidy and organized.

Revealing another bathroom, she showed the space was also organized and neat.

As she showed off another one of her daughters' rooms, she showed blankets and pillows were tossed around.

Tiffany then went to her son Trey's room, and said she's "genuinely afraid."

She showed laundry scattered across the floor – and a takeout container on the table.

"That's from like three days ago," he admitted of the food.

The mom said although there were a few messes, with a big family, it's to be expected.

"It is what it is," Tiffany said.

"With a family as big as mine, I don't know. It's not just a messy house tour. It's pretty much just the house tour on an average day," she said.

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