Mom of autistic kid begs TikTok to remove sick ‘Autism Challenge’ videos that cruelly mock disabled children – The Sun

A MOM of an austic child is pleading with TikTok to shut down its sicko “Autism Challenge” where videos mock kids with the condition. 

Kate Swenson, creator of Finding Cooper’s Voice, a website where she shares her family’s journey with a child with severe autism, said she was “sickened”.

Kate said: “I recently found out about a new challenge on TikTok.

"It's entire purpose is to make fun of those with disabilities, specifically with autism.”

In one of the videos, a mother and daughter do an offensive dance together, pulling faces and pretending to be disabled. 

Other users posted their own versions of the challenge, sparking outrage across social media.

Kate said: "In one, a mother is doing 'the dance' with her own kid. Making fun of sounds and hand gestures. 

"To 'that' mom, I have a message for you: I am shocked. I am sickened. And I am embarrassed for you.

"TikTok these videos need to be removed. I'm pretty sure humiliating a group of people goes against your 'standards’."

Twitter user @ProVaxx told the Daily Dot: "I have a teenage daughter with autism and I just immediately saw red when I found out about it.

"I was absolutely disgusted that people think it’s ok to mock disabled/ autistic individuals in this way."

The Sun Online has reached out to TikTok for a comment and is awaiting a reply.

TikTok often finds itself at the center of controversy thanks to its users' challenges

One recent one was the toxic TikTok "nutmeg challenge".

Just a teaspoon of the cooking spice can "cause significant stomach pain, vomiting, racing heart, confusion, drowsiness, agitation and hallucinations," say poison experts.

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