Moment fugitive corrections officer checks out of hotel on the morning helping murder suspect 'lover' escape from jail

THIS is the moment fugitive corrections officer Vicky White checked out of a hotel on the morning she helped a murder suspect 'lover' escape from jail.

Lauderdale County Sheriff's Office released a 14 second clip of Vicky pacing at the front desk of a hotel she spent the night before the spectacular jail-break.

Cops said the rouge corrections officer spent Wednesday and Thursday nights at a Quality Inn in Florence, Alabama, and paid for the stay using her credit card, WHNT reported.

The hotel was within walking distance of the shopping centre parking lot where Vicky dumped her police car for a 2007 Ford Edge she bought under an alias a week earlier, according to Crime Online.

Vicky is being accused of whisking murder suspect, Casey White, 38, from jail on April 29 and has an arrest warrant issued against her.

White had been in jail since 2015, serving a 75-year sentence. he was accused of murdering of 58-year-old Connie Ridgeway.


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In the clip, Vicky is dressed in casual clothes and tries to check out of the Quality Inn that fateful Friday morning.

The sheriff's office noted the time stamp on the video was incorrect and that Vicky was actually at the desk at about 6.30am.

Three hours later, she showed up at Lauderdale County Jail to take 38-year-old White to a non-existent mental health evaluation at the courthouse but instead drove to a parking lot and swapped cars.

From there, the couple drove north to Tennessee and within two hours, they reached Williamson County and dumped their orange SUV, which they had attempted to spray paint green.

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The couple have since vanished without a trace.

The Ford Edge was found and towed in Tennessee before Alabama officials knew White and Vicky were gone, Lauderdale Sheriff Rick Singelton said.

Tennessee officials realized they had the getaway car on Thursday and notified US Marshals.

Investigators claim Vicky hatched the plan with White, with whom some say she was having a relationship.

The pair met in 2020 after White was handed a 75 year sentence for a number of violent crimes in 2015.

Previously, White had tried to escape prison but was caught and shipped back to a state penitentiary but remained in contact with Vicky, mostly via phone, Singleton said.

The convicted crim was recently brought back to Florence for pretrial hearings.

Around the same time, Vicky sold her house for $95,000, which was under market value and moved in with her mum.

She put in for retirement with the day of the escape set to be her last day at work.

Witnesses claims they saw Vicky buying men's clothing days before the planned jail-break.

Singleton said she put $95k into several banks and withdrew it all before the escape though people close to her say she may have had more money to withdraw.

Vicky's mum and colleagues are stunned by her disappearance and say her 17-year stint as a corrections officer was "spotless".

But one colleague said he wasn't all that surprised and said Vicky was smart and calculating.

Tyler Johnson told the Daily Mail that his boss for seven years had allegedly got him "wrongfully terminated" and claimed she knew how to "outsmart" those around her and could easily change her appearance.

"Vicky used the tanning bed a lot," he said.

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"Vicky may have been 57 years old but she looked 75. The photos that they’re releasing of her, there are filters, they’re all bright on the face because it’s not showing the true her

"A lot of people, former employees, said if Vicky dyed her hair grey and put on some old lady clothes and glasses, she could walk right by you and you would never know it."

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