Moment poverty-stricken blind girl asks to buy notebook for school

Heartbreaking moment poverty-stricken blind girl, 4, clutches a handful of coins and asks to buy a notebook for her schoolwork in the Philippines

  • Vanessa Esposio told staff at Manila store she had been blind from birth
  • She is the daughter of a single mother and the second youngest of nine siblings
  • Vanessa wanted notebook so she could go to school like other children
  • Staff at the store helped choose book, treated her to chocolate drink and dinner

This is the heart-warming moment a blind toddler walks into a shop clutching a handful of coins asking for help to buy a notebook so she can start school.

Vanessa Esposio told staff she had been blind since birth with glaucoma when she walked into the 7-11 convenience store in Manila, Philippines.

The poverty-stricken four-year-old is the daughter of a single mother and the second youngest of nine siblings.

Staff at the 7-11 convenience store helped her to choose a notebook for which she had been saving 

 Vanessa is the daughter of a single mother and the second youngest of nine siblings but is determined to go to school 

But she had collected coins so that she could start to study at school like other children her age despite being barely able to see.

The encounter was captured by a customer inside the shop, who helped her to communicate with the staff.

Vanessa is asked what she wants, before answering ‘a notebook’ and pointing to the direction where the school supplies are.

She continues: ‘Notebook! Notebook! I want to buy a notebook. Sister! I am going to buy a notebook.’

After being taken over to the shelves with notebooks, Vanessa chooses an orange one. 

They helped Vanessa choose an orange notebook (left). She showed staff her official papers detailing her condition 

Staff obviously took a shine to Vanessa and treated her to a chocolate drink and dinner at the store

She also picked out a new pencil, then later sat down with other customers and staff who treated her to a chocolate drink and dinner. 

The youngster also showed staff her official document outlining her condition and giving family details, which she keeps strapped around her waist.

Onlooker Rachel Figueroa said: ‘Vanessa is a very happy child. She just wanted a notebook to use in school. She showed off some of her mathematics skills to people in the shop. 

‘She’s a bright little girl and I just hope and pray she can continue at school. She has a big heart and really wants to learn. 

‘It must be so difficult for her because she can only see a little bit.’



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