Mother-of-three falls into coma and dies after boob job sparking police probe

A mum-of-three was killed following a botched boob job – prompting a police investigation for alleged negligence.

Tragic Nelli Dorozhkina, 37, briefly came around and told her husband that she had heard a "furious row" between the surgeon and the anaesthetist.

Shortly afterwards she slipped into a coma and never regained consciousness, dying three days later from anaphylactic shock.

It is the latest case in Russia which has sparked a criminal investigation following plastic surgery.

Nelli was a qualified doctor – and she had warned medics in advance at an unnamed clinic in Khabarovsk that she was allergic to certain drugs.

Detectives now suspect one of these allergic drugs was used.

Her widower Yury Saprykin said she had gone to the clinic for “a little shape correction to her breasts – nothing major”.

“Her condition deteriorated the day after the surgery,” he said.

“I was in panic but the doctors assured me everything was normal.

“They said her temperature had shot up but it was nothing to worry about.

“They advised her to drink more water and rest.”

He told journalists: “I spoke to her after the surgery and she told me she heard an argument between the surgeon and the anaesthetist about drugs that were banned for her.

“Nelli had given them the list when she first went to the clinic.

“She had a medical education and knew all about it.”

He said: “There has been no explanation or apology from the clinic.”

Daria Nemtseva, an official with the Investigative Committee which probes serious crime, said the victim had been moved to a major hospital when her condition deteriorated.

A criminal probe into “death due to professional negligence” has been launched.

Ilya Tsarkov, in charge of the investigation, said: “Tests will be carried out and witnesses are being questioned.”

Experts are also aware that another unnamed woman died in similar circumstances earlier this year.

Russia has faced series of recent deaths and serious failures in plastic surgery clinics, with multiple criminal investigations now underway.

Inna Moskovaya, 44, a gynaecologist, died in May after falling into a coma with her eyes wide open for two months following a £1,900 great enlargement operation she had kept secret from family and friends.

Stock exchange trader Natalia Orlova, 54, died after a facelift led to acute spinal pain followed by liver and kidney failure.

Beautician Marina Kushkhova, 29, died in April after sinking into a coma following an operation to alter the shape of her nose.

The same month, a Canadian woman, aged 41, died after travelling to Moscow for breast implant surgery.

Galina Rakushina, 30, was in a coma for 13 months before she died in June.

She had undergone breast enlargement in Moscow as a surprise for her husband.

Veleslava Grigorieva, 40, survived but ended up with gaping hole in one buttock after doctors were forced to operate to clean up a serious abscess following plastic surgery.

She also complained that her nipples were left “too high and in the wrong place”.

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