Motocross champ under fire after ex shares photos of her battered face

A Brazilian motocross champion’s domestic violence arrest in Florida has gone viral after his 22-year-old accuser posted a photo on Instagram of her battered face and bloodshot eyes, the Tampa Bay Times reports.

Erick Bretz, 25, the son of a supermarket mogul in Brazil, has been accused of assaulting Brazilian national Melissa Gentz in Tampa on Sept. 23. They had been dating three months.

The Instagram photo shows Gentz with a severe black eye.

“I won’t hide the marks of my story because NO woman should feel ashamed of feel blamed for being a victim of domestic violence,” she said on Instagram.

Tampa police wrote in the arrest report that Bretz became “argumentative and jealous” after taking a sleeping pill and drinking four beers and several glasses of wine, the paper reported.

The report accused Bretz of throwing Gentz to the floor, kicking her in the face and then choking her with his legs, according to the paper.

The next day she reposted on Instagram a photo of herself in a black spaghetti-strap dress.

“I am reposting this picture because my ex-boyfriend deleted it without my consent,” she wrote. “He told me that women with boyfriends could not have pictures ‘showing their breasts.’”

Gentz is studying biology at the University of South Florida, according to the Times. Bretz has made headlines on the Brazilian Motocross Championship circuity since he was 15.

One of her supporters is Brazilian actress and model Luiza Brunet, the paper reported.

Brunet shared Gentz’s posts on her Instagram page and wrote, “Women for the love of God, pay attention to the signs. For the love of God, let’s unite, it’s past time.”

Bretz was released from jail on a $60,000 bond and ordered to stay away from Gentz, records show.

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