MP shocks House of Commons by telling other politicians she's on her period – and it's cost her £25 this week

Danielle Rowley made the admission while calling on ministers to help out women who are trapped in "period poverty" – saying it has cost her £25 this week.

Some MPs were stunned by her statement – but others congratulated her for being so frank.

Miss Rowley, 28, brought the subject up after arriving in the Commons late for women and equalities questions, and struggling to catch her breath.

She said: "I would like to raise with you today and to the House, and perhaps you'll excuse me for my lateness, that today I'm on my period – and it's cost me this week already £25.

"We know the average cost of a period in the UK over a year is £500 – many women can't afford this. What is the minister doing to address period poverty?"

Equalities minister Victoria Atkins said the Government was ploughing £1.5million into projects educating young people about period poverty.

And she vowed to scrap VAT on tampons as soon as we quit the EU.

After Miss Rowley, elected MP for Midlothian last year, had finished speaking, other politicians murmured "well done".

She is an aide to Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily thornberry, and her father Alex Rowley was deputy leader of Scottish Labour before quitting over domestic abuse claims last year.

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