Mum finds daughter’s body in bath after she suffered electric shock using phone

A mum found her 11-year-old daughter's lifeless body lying in a bathtub after the girl suffered an electric shock while using her smartphone.

The girl was in the bath at her parents home in Dornbirn, Austria, in the far west of the country on the border with Switzerland.

The incident happened on Sunday afternoon when the girl reportedly had an electric shock in the bath where she was using her smartphone while lying in the water.

According local media, the girl had locked the door and her mother became suspicious when she knocked and heard no answer.

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Suspecting something was wrong, she looked through the bathroom window and then spotted her daughters motionless body in the bath tub.

An uncle who was on the property at the time then smashed the door down, pulled the girl out of the water and started the resuscitation process.

Medics were also called to the scene but could only confirm the girl had died.

The girl had significant burn marks on her body after she was pulled from the water, and her cell phone was also in the tub still plugged-in to a charging cable, local media reported.

Expert from the Feldkirch public prosecutor, Rudolf Mork-Morkenstein, told local media that judging by the burns, a lot of electricity must have been involved.

He said that, provisionally, it appeared there was a significant problem saying: "Injuries of this type cannot happen in a properly functioning cell phone alone, the must have been something significantly wrong."

He said it was suspected that the cell phone charging cable may have been connected via an extension cable when it fell into the bathtub.

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