Mum is slammed for not making kids give OAP seat on bus – but was she right?

A mum-of-three whose kids didn’t give up a bus seat for an OAP has questioned whether she did the right thing.

Posting on Mumsnet, the parent described how a woman in her sixties started complaining as she was not offered the seats being used by the mother’s two children, aged four and six.

The mum was standing with a baby in a pram so did not have a seat to give to the woman.

She added that she always has her kids sit in a seat following a previous incident which saw her son fall on the same bus.

A few months prior, he bumped his head against the floor while he was “standing up and holding on”.

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The parent, going by the username “whatsthepointthen”, described the OAP as “shaking her head” throughout the journey.

This inspired her to ask the question: “Should children give up their seats for their elders?”

Answers varied taking into consideration of the age of the child and the condition of the older person.

Others suggestions were to have the children share a seat or on the mum’s lap.

One said: “If possible I would have had one on my knee, some bus routes are not suitable for small children to stand up on."

Another said: “Anyone at greater risk of falling should have a seat if possible, for their own safety and that of others around them (who they’d land on).

"After that, its first come first served and nothing to do with whether children are free or half-fare."

A user also suggested that it depends on the health of the older person.

They said: “If someone else really needed a seat I would expect someone to get up but wouldn’t like to see a child falling and hurting themselves either.

"I’ve seen some very able fit elderly people not give up a seat to a heavily pregnant woman."

Meanwhile another said the safety of the bus route should be a factor.

However some replies had little sympathy for the mother.

A user said: “I’d expect the six year old to stand for an older lady. That is just basic consideration.

“Can your six year old ride a scooter? If so, he’s got a sense of balance?”

Another added: “If the woman was elderly and fell she could end up dying or permanently disabled so I would get at least the six year old to give up a seat."

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