Mum shares ‘cheater’s guide to faff-free mashed potato’- people aren’t convinced

Mashed potato is a dinner table stable in most homes, especially as the temperatures drop and we start cooking up warmer winter dishes.

And while it’s not the most complicated dish, it can be a bit of a faff and it creates yet more washing up.

But one mum believes she’s discovered a new faff-free way to way to do it, which she calls the "cheater’s" option.

Thrilled with her new technique, she shared the idea online in a bid to help other parents looking to save a bit of precious time.

Some loved the idea, but others were a bit confused by the whole thing.

Writing on Mumsnet, she explains: "I’m sure I’m not the only person to have figured this out, but before I started doing it, I’d never seen or heard of it. So, herewith my cheater’s guide to faff-free mashed potato.

"Put potatoes in microwave until they’re done all the way through. Cut in half.

"Scoop potato out of skin straight onto plate. Add butter and smush with fork. Add grated cheese to taste.

"Enjoy mashed potato with no peeling, chopping, boiling or washing up afterwards.

"Waits for everyone to tell me Nigella wrote a book about this ten years ago and I never got the memo."

Some people had never heard of the idea and said they were keen to try it.

But others were just baffled.

One wrote: One wrote: "I don’t understand why it’s so difficult to boil potatoes in salted water, drain, add butter and milk and mash. It’s not rocket science is it?"

Another added: "This is no use for a family of 4! It’s cheat for a one-person, lazy meal."

One mum wrote: What potatoes do you use to get nice lump free mash after only 10 mins of boiling?! Please do share as I would love to know how to cut 15-20 minutes off cooking time."

Another said: "Is it the peeling that’s the stumbling block? Buy bigger potatoes and a Y shaped peeler, seriously not hard work."

The mum later voiced her disappointment that people weren’t more impressed.

She added: "Seriously, I thought you’d all be a bit more impressed to be honest. This is a game-changer in my sexy, exciting world."

Another pointed out another advantage, writing: "Microwave jacket mash does not taste the same as boiled potato mash. I do it like this sometimes though as its less washing up."

Some pointed out it’s not a new thing and has featured in several cookbooks, but the idea was still new to many parents.

But there were some people who liked the idea.

One wrote: "Never knew this thank you."

Another added: "That’s a good one thanks. I’ll try that."

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