Mum was ‘filmed on her Ring security app battering son, 6, after he made mistakes with his schoolwork’ – The Sun

A MUM was filmed battering her son after he "made mistakes with his school homework and reading", according to court documents.

Officers found disturbing footage on Nicole Lynn Marker's Ring home security app when they searched her home in Phoenix, Arizona.

At least three of the clips allegedly showed her assaulting the little boy when he struggled to do his homework, or pronounce a word properly, according to a probable cause statement from police included in Maricopa County court documents.

Cops also found 20 clips of Marker’s boyfriend William Johnson, 28, joining in with the abuse, it's claimed.

The youngster was punched and slapped and hoisted into the air, police said.


Marker was arrested Tuesday, five months after police began a probe after her son’s teachers noticed a burn on his arm.

Cops obtained ring footage taken between January 1 and the end of April this year, according to reports.

A medical examination allegedly showed the boy had neck discoloration and scabbing consistent with his allegations against Marker and Johnson.

Police are also investigating claims made by the youngster that Johnson hit him with a belt, reports AZ Central. 

Marker has been charged with three counts of aggravated assault on a minor.

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Johnson is facing 11 charges of the same crime and  is being held in lieu of a $5,000 (£3,900) bond.

Marker has been freed on bail.

Her son has been taken into foster care.

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