Mystery ‘Terminator’ solar events leading to huge tsunamis revealed in report

Clearly something in the terminator event triggers the start of the new cycle in the higher latitude and that’s where the Tsunami comes in.

Researchers have found that the terminator events could end in the collision of two huge magnetic field lines near the Sun’s equator leading to dual Tsunami’s of plasma.

These “doughnut-looking” magnetic fields may be behind the start of the bright points and Sunspots and they appear to also create a “dam” that holds in the plasma which advances to the equator.

When the two magnetic fields collide at the equator it creates a “mutual annihilation”.

The plasma then rushes back in the direction of the poles in twin tsunamis travelling at 300ms a second.

The plasma reaches the mid-latitudes where it meets a new magnetic field and the process starts again.

  • NASA

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