NASA Engineer Comes Up with a Sparkly and Smelly Way to Deter Porch Pirates

That’ll teach ’em!

For quite some time, ex-Nasa engineer Mark Rober has been a victim of mail theft. Six months ago, Rober caught two people, wearing backpacks, seemingly pilfering a box from his front porch on his security camera.

When he brought the matter to the police, he was told it wasn’t “worth” looking into.

Taking matters into his own hands, Rober designed a bait package that, when opened, soaks thieves in super-fine glitter and “fart” spray.

On Monday, Rober posted a 10-minute video of how the bait package came to life and even the reactions of the so-called porch pirates after they realized they weren’t stealing anything valuable.

“If you’ve ever been in a situation like this, you just sort of feel violated,” Rober said in the vlog.

The design looks like an Apple HomePod and even features a shipping label. However, if the thieves looked close enough, they’d see it was sent by none other than Kevin McCallister from Home Alone.

In addition to the fake package containing a pound of glitter and a potent fart spray, it also includes four phones that record the thieves, as well as a GPS tracker in the phones that allows Rober to retrieve the trap after the thieves have thrown it out.

In the case that the package is not retrievable, the phones automatically upload the footage to iCloud, allowing Rober to still view it.

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In the playback, one thief can be seen opening the package in a car, with glitter flying everywhere. When the thief tries to touch the package again, the fart spray is triggered.

One person even brings the package into their home and gets so angry by the aftermath that she tosses it in a garbage can outside.

Rober ends the hilarious video saying that the moral of the story is to never steal packages.

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